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RIM Blackberry Torch 9810 Cell Phone

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Great phone for text messaging and emails


I use this phone for work and it works great for emails and text messaging. The QWERTY keyboard is small, but works fine when typing with your thumbnails. Performance The OS 7 is an improvement over the previous operating system. Most apps run smoothly as long as your are only running one at a time. You need to make sure you close each app completely when done. Some apps will not close when you click the back button. Web browsing is fast on mobile sites with AT&T's HSPA+ data speed technology. Full webpages does take a while to load. Voice Quality Voice quality is pretty good. Depending on the phone signal, the callers can be heard clearly. I like to use my bluetooth ear device when making calls, and was told by callers that my voice sounds clearer on my bluetooth versus the handset. Battery Life The battery can last me for an entire day (12 hours) with regular phone use. When using GPS, it will drain the battery very quickly and will need to be charged after 2-3 hours of use. Durability The Torch is very durable. I don't use a phone case because I carry my Torch on a holster attached to my belt. I've dropped my phone a couple of times and the phone remains intact (with scratches on the corners). Ease of Use Phone navigation is easy and user friendly. It has up to 5 pages that you can swipe side to side when locating apps. It's good to know that Blackberry has jump on the swipe bandwagon with other phone brands. Design I like the size of the phone, especially the side out keyboard. The keyboard makes it a very user friendly phone when doing emails and text.

Orlando, FL


RIM Blackberry Torch 9810 Cell Phone

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