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Rice Force
Rice Force Deep Moisture Lotion

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Deep moisture lotion gives your face a hug!


These products helped cleanse my skin really well each time I used them! I have sensitive skin and these products did not irritate my skin at all! I tend to have a lot of dry skin, and I have used these products on my cracked elbows. The main area I use the cream is on my face, and I feel refreshed after I use it. My skin feels oily on occasion and these products help clear that up. I do not feel a greasy residue after I use these products on my skin, which I have experienced with other similar products. I have to give these products less than a ten, because they are very expensive. These cost less than any other skin care product that I have used. I can recommend these products if you can afford the high price tag! Effectiveness These products worked wonders on my skin and it felt like my face was getting hugged! Ease of Application All of the products listed are easy to use out of the package. Scent There is no scent associated with the product, which is a benefit for these products.



Best skin care ever!!


I love this brand! It does exactly what it says. It nourishes my skin with hydration, and locks in moisture for a comfortable feeling all day long. My fine lines around my eyes have completely plumped up and vanished!! Its all-natural to boot! I highly recommend this!! Effectiveness I especially love the Deep Moisture Lotion. I feel like the dryness is immediately replenished! My skin is hydrated all day long! Scent It's made from rice, there is no scent! It's fragrance-free. Perfect!



The search for the best skin care is OVER!


This is hands down the BEST moisturizer I have ever encountered! I won a Deluxe Trial Kit from their Facebook promotion, and have been a big fan ever since. It's made in Japan from white RICE! It goes so deep into my skin, my skin has never been so soft ALL DAY LONG! People around me think I'm pregnant since I'm glowing. I know Asian women have beautiful skin, and they drink sake and eat sushi, but I never knew rice has so much to do with their amazing skin. I read on their website that the active ingredient is a brand new ingredient that no one has ever discovered before, and it's so tiny that it can go really deep into your skin to make ceramide. Unbelievable! But a picture is worth a thousand words, my skin is just plain awesome!

New York, NY


Rice Force Deep Moisture Lotion

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