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Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin
REN Moisture Protect Comfort-Plus Cleansing Milk

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REN is wonderful on skin


I cannot say enough about REN's moisture protect comfort-plus cleansing milk. Love love love this amazing cleanser. It is soft and smooth and does not in any way irritate the skin. Sometimes i really love a gentle cleanser, and this is my go to product for sure.It so easily and gently removes all makeup and dirt from the day. It leaves my skin so moisturized and it makes it feel that way the entire day. Any skin can use it with very gentle cleansing results. I use it after harsh products or harsh skin care treatments. It really is soothing! I also use it a lot when I am up north with harsher weather. Seems to calm down dry flaky skin due to winter elements. This product also has a very nice and lovely smell. My little one likes to use it too, but only in moderation! REN is also fairly priced and I feel like the bottle goes a very long way. -- Making it worth what you pay for it! I recommend this product to everyone I know-- an A+ in my book for sure

Vero Beach, FL


REN Moisture Protect Cleansing Milk cleanses dry skin well!


I've never used a REN product before this cleanser, so I was eager to try out my sample since the company is known for using paraben-free, plant-based, natural ingredients and donating a percentage of their profits to charity. **REN Moisture Protect Comfort-Plus Cleansing Milk** is designed for dry skin, but I think it would be suitable for sensitive skin too because it is very mild. This milky cleanser is really creamy and easy to apply. It has no discernible scent and seems to be fragrance-free. This cleanser doesn't foam or lather, which is a bummer for me, but I still like it. It rinsed off easily and left my skin feeling moisturized and and clean. A little while after using, my face doesn't feel as moisturized as it did while the cleanser was just rinsed off my face, but it didn't feel stripped either. Overall, I think **REN Moisture Protect Comfort-Plus Cleansing Milk** to be a decent product. I don't have sensitive skin and besides wintertime, I don't have dry skin, so this isn't really the right product for me, but if you have either of those skin types, I would recommend it. Scent This product has no scent.

Camp Lejeune, NC


REN Moisture Protect Comfort-Plus Cleansing Milk

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