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great tv with many uses


the reason that i bought this tv was because my other tv was dieing and i figured that i might as well get an hd tv. come to find out it was the best investment that i've made. the main use for our tv is to hook it up to our computer so that we cant watch movies and show online insted of veiwing it throught my 17 laptop. i all so like that it has a audio port so that i can plug in my computer sound into it. i was shocked about how many different devices that i could hook up to it. over all i enjoy having this tv and its was worth the money too. one other thing that i like was not having to buy a hd converter for my attenna. i like that it was very light weight, one thing i hate most is having to carry a heavy tv up stairs. the good thing about this tv was it was so light that i could carry it under one of my arms without any problems. i've yet to find any problems with this tv. its a great tv that can be setup anywhere in the house.

Kennebunk, ME


good tv


We bought this tv a few years ago. on sale and nice trusted brand. the quality is good. has a lot of different channels. like hdmi.. the images are really nice. the tv isnt heavy and very easy to move. but i have had an issue with it. on some channels it sounds like the speakers are busted and it vibrates really loudly. but i have never had the tv extremly loud.. and the dvd player  pretty much quit working. it will play certain cd's and dvd's/ but usually wont play new dvds or anything. so i cant really use the dvd player anymore. i bought this i think around 350? which isnt bad and you get what you pay for and it is way better then the 19 inch i had. pretty much anything was an upgrade. for some reason when we got direct tv the man couldnt program the remote with the tv. so we did have to buy another remote. not sure why. i like the tv has a few minor issues but nothing i couldnt get passed.

Greenville, SC


The RCA 32in. HDTV LCD TV has many options for viewing.


For a first flat screen HDTV, the RCA 32-inch HDTV LCD TV was a great buy for us. It wasn't too expensive, has great screen quality for a pretty good range of angle and hasn't given us any problems. We love the sheer number of inputs and the variety of different devices that you can connect to the television at the same time.There are some many combinations that you can probably connect it six ways to Sunday for your viewing pleasure! For us, we have an HD DVD player hooked up, surround sound speakers, a laptop PC and an VCR. With two toddlers, this allows us to change between playing a DVD, a Netflix streaming video on the PC or an old VHS tape simply by changing the channel. We can use the audio on the television or the surround sound, depending on which device we have outputting to the screen. Both are equally as good in our relatively small living room where the television is situated. The television is easy to use and understand. We didn't have any trouble setting it up right out of the box. The inputs and outputs are clearly marked and it is ready to go right out of the packaging (which is minimal, another thing I like!) The picture quality, I'll say again and again, is beautiful. Coming from old big and bulky TVs, this flat panel is gorgeous. While it might not compare to, say, the high-end models for some diehard fans of flat screen LCD monitors, for the average Jane like me, it's perfect and suits me and my toddlers just fine for the HD shows they watch. A great TV from a reliable name.

Philmont, NY




RCA  32inflatscreenplasma tvs are one of the greatest and best tv you will ever buy, if your live time. RCA in my opinion this to many fretures that i will probley never use in my live time infact my RCA32inflat screen plasma is no dought  my last one.I also have a 22 in plasmaflat screen it is not an  RCA. but  I wouldn't part with in ether one of them i would part with anotherone fro love or money.                                               GOD BLESS                                                Judy K Miller

Coffeyville, KS


RCA 32" flat screen TV


RCA 32: flat screen TV  I just got it.  I like it but don't love it.  I think the color is not as great as it could be.  Also the picture isn't as clear as it was at the store.  I guess you get that you pay for.  The other TV were twice as much.  I really wanted a sansong but couldn't afford it. 

Morristown, TN



4.4 5