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RCA RTD317W Theater System

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Helpful if you can figure out how to do it right.


It has good surround sound and was easy to install but switching back and forth between this product and regular TV sound was difficult. Easy to conceal and very useful for watching movies but not very user friendly. Not a bad product and don't regret the purchase.




Not for open rooms


We bought this for our living room thinking it was cheap but just wanted something to give the room a little more sound but what we got was distorted low volume sound. It is really easy to hook due to the wire color diagram but that is the only easy thing about this system. I First tried really hard to just go by what the book said but it was not at all helpful with trying to fix the sound and the distortion so I called the customer support about the sound they tried to help me out with the sound. It took three hours to get the sound even half way sounding like it should I was not satisfied with the sound so I called the tech support everyday for a week trying to get this sound system working the way it was to. I finally took the speakers from my old Jamo sound system and now it sounds great so if you want to buy a cheap DVD surround system and just buy some really good speakers and it will work great.




RCA RTD317W Theater System

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