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Portable DVD Player
RCA - Portable DVD Player

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This is a decent dvd player


We bought this player before a road trip to CA from WA. It held up, barely though. When we returned it started to skip and then it just flat out stopped playing dvd's. Good thing we were still within the 90-day period for exchanges/returns. For the money, I don't think it's the best out there, it'll do the job for a bit, but there are probably better systems out there.

Olympia, WA


RCA made a great basic portable DVD Player


We didn't want anything fancy- just something to bring along on long road trips to entertain our toddler. I wanted something that was easy to use, had options to charge in the car, plug into the wall, or run on battery. This is the one. I didn't have to buy any extra adapters. I didn't have to read a huge manual beforehand to learn how to use it. The picture was great. Not outstanding, but it is a portable DVD player after all... I was not expecting (nor did I want) high def. The price was right and it is RCA- a respected brand. I also really like the blue color. It was unimportant, but I find I really do like it. I was surprised by how light the DVD player is. This is AWESOME, because as a mom of two young children, I already have enough stuff weighing me down as it is without having to lug around a heavy DVD player, too. The only down side was it didn't come with a carrying case. It was an easy fix. I went out and bought a neoprene case for a netbook and it fits perfectly. There is even some extra room in the bag I got to put a couple DVDs.

Charlotte, NC


Great Little Portable DVD Player


I bought this DVD Player for my husband as a Christmas gift. We did not want to spend a lot, so we opted for a smaller screen. We are very happy with the quality of the RCA Portable DVD player, it has a great picture. I found this player to be very easy to use and we were up and playing a DVD in minutes without reading the instructions. I love that the DVD player comes with a car and a home A/C adapter, this is very convenient as we will be using this for long trips in the car. The DVD player is very lightweight, unsure if this is good or bad so far. Wish the battery life was a bit longer, but since it has the car charger that should help us out on that issue. Other reviewers have had problems with it stop playing after watching a few movies, we have not had that problem yet and the player seems great for what we wanted it for, and the price was certainly right. So far, we are happy with our purchase.

Texarkana, TX


RCA portable DVD player is durable!


I gave a friend money to get me a DVD player during Black Friday a year ago.  I was looking for a good deal and the portable black RCA 7" Portable DVD Player (DRC6327E) is what I got.  I use it to work with deaf students who use (or try to use) sign language for communication.  Sadly, many deaf children enter school without language because no one exposed them to language prior to school.  I record myself signing, create a DVD, and provide the DVD and DVD player to the student for him/her to take home to study.   The DVD is light and small enough to put in a backpack and durable enough for elementary students to handle.  Although the player has audio/video input/output features, I have not had a use for them.  I charge the player at school and give the student the charged player.  I'm pleased with the product.  I've bought a second DVD player since (different brand) and it turned out not to be as durable.  I recommend the RCA portable DVD player and will look for future deals to purchase this particular brand.

Southaven, MS


RCA - Portable DVD Player DRC6327E is a great product!


My father purchased this portable DVD player as a gift for me when I broke my foot last Christmas. I had to have surgery and was going to be spending a lot of time in bed so it bought it so I could watch DVD's in bed. It was a very thoughtful gift and one of my favorites! This is a basic DVD player and I like that about it. I'm easily confused by tech talk so the basics is all I need. It's so simple to operate. You just plug the power adapter to recharge the battery. And flip the switch to the "on" position to watch a DVD after it's charged and press play. It really is that simple! My niece often spends the night and it's perfect for her to use to watch her kiddie movies at the kitchen table to keep her entertained while I cook so I can keep an eye on her. It's also great for travel and has an adapter so it can be used in a car. So it's perfect to keep the kids entertained on long trips.      

Canton, OH


RCA - Portable DVD Player

4.2 5