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RCA - Pearl TH1102 (2 GB) MP3 Player

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its a great little piece of technology...says Joe


This tiny little player peeps the plays for intrepid travel, accesses amazon and plays the radio..an important asset to have in all kinds of mindsets, it was " the best gift ever" for my husband and keeps time on its toes with all it can access...I think he likes it because he pushes me into the sites ive never seen searching for the rythms and flow for this trippin little piece..

Phoenix, AZ


RCA Pearl Tough, Expandable.and low cost.


I have been nothing but impressed by my RCA Pearl.  I has proved it's ruggedness and ability to hold  a more than adiquate amount of data over and over. I purchased my RCA Pearl more than a year and a half ago and it is still going strong and if you would look at it you would see it has seen more than its share of wear and tear.  It has been droped several times, rolled over on while I was working under a car, gotten wet from being dropped in the snow and it has the scratches and war wounds to prove it.  I have gone through three sets of earbuds durring its use. The amount of storage it has is nothing to sneese at either.  It comes with one gigabyte of memory built in which is a good amount, but with the extre gigabyte of external memory you can get for it proved to be plenty of room for me to store enough much music that I would not get bord of hearing the same songs for quite some time. The only problem I have had is with the shuffel feature whitch picks out only a small portion of the songs stored and you would have to wipe it clean and redownload everything to get it ot play new ones. All in all the RCA Pearl is a great buy for the money and I would not hesitate buying a new one if this one ever dies.

Durand, MI


Perfect for work and play


I purchased the RCA Pearl MP3 player last year, mainly because the cost caught my eye - it was the cheapest MP3 player in the store. This little device is absolutely perfect for my music and work needs - I can store a few dozen songs on the device, as well as digital file for class that need to be edited or printed. More than 512 MB would be too much. I fully recommend this model for its cost-effectiveness, its utility, long-lasting power and convenience.

Pittsburgh, PA


RCA - Pearl TH1102 (2 GB) MP3 Player

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