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RCA Microwave Oven

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Ideal for small spaces.


I needed a small, inexpensive microwave for my office. This stainless steel microwave fits perfectly on top of a file cabinet without taking up too much valuable space or being too obtrusive. Friends and coworkers frequently come in to use this microwave with its convenient pre-set buttons for liquids, popcorn, potatoes, frozen dinners, pizza and more. It is a lifesaver for busy workers who do not have the time to leave the office for a leisurely lunch. It is very quiet and easy to use. I can even use it while I am talking on the phone! On cold mornings I simply pop my cup of coffee onto the turn about tray and hit the beverage button. In no time my coffee is again perfect - hot, but not so hot I can't drink it. I don't know what that special temperature is, but this RCA microwave has it down perfectly! It seems to know exaactly what it is heating and/or cooking and it all turns out perfectly.


Austin, TX


RCA Microwave Oven

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