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RCA - M4204 (4 GB) Digital Media Player

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Stay away


I bought an RCA Mp3 player for my husband as a gift, spent about a hundred bucks on it and within 6 months it just quit working!! Which by then I had no receipt and got no response from them as far as it being repaired. Turned out to be one big loss!!  Would never buy again

Hillsdale, MI


Was great for first 3 monthes!


I purchased the RCA OPAL MP4. I really liked it at first but after 3 months it just stopped working. I listen to it before bed a lot. One night I tried to use it and nothing. The next day I charged it, and still nothing. It goes to the initializing and sticks there. I am so disappointed. It cost too much for just 3 months of use. I still try at times. Guess I'll have to find a new.

Davison, MI


RCA - M4204 (4 GB) Digital Media Player

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