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RCA - LWD12 32 Inch Diagonal LCD Widescreen HD Television

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I have younger children who aren't always careful when playing. This TV has withstood the occasional toy and sticky fingers without skipping a beat. Design This has been both mounted and used with the base. With children, a stand TV was initially concerning, but the base is quite heavy and as long as children aren't using the TV to climb, is perfect.



With One Exception, pretty good tv.


"RCA" 32" Diagonal LCD Widescreen HDTV L32WD12:  This tv has a great picture and you can hook almost anything up to it with little effort.  The only thing (and it's a big thing) not good about it is that the on button is quirky.  If you just click it on, it won't come on.  You have to hold the on/power button down for an inordinate (compared to most tvs) amount of time for the power to come on the tv.  I say it's a big thing because when you turn your tv on and off a couple times a day -- it becomes annoying and a big thing.

Brentwood, TN


Good tv for the money


After reading reviews that indicated sound was an issue with tv's of this size I decided to listen to the sound while at the store.  This is not an easy thing to do since the stores have all the tv's going at once.  I compared tv's in this price range and a bit above, below ect.  This one beat them hands down.  Reading reviews, I thought I would have to also invest in a sound system but not with this tv.  Getting it adjusted was a bit of a pain but not too difficult.  As another poster stated the on off button takes some time.  But I found this was true on many tv's not just this brand.  After a week, I'm still happy with this purchase.

Saint Augustine, FL


great picture, easy to use


My hubby received the RCA widescreen 32 in for fathers day, so we have only had it for 2 months. We have found no problems with it and did find it was very easy to hook up the dvd and cable boxes to it. We have it mounted on a tv stand with a universal bracket. That was also easy to do. The tv doesn't weigh much so one person can move it easily. It has a stand base that comes with it, or if you mount it like we did it has a cover to hide the base hole. The tv was easy to program, the remote is very easy to use. The picture is quaility excellent, even better when you are watching an hd chanel. We watch many differant things and some of our old vhs tapes even look better on this tv. I would recommend this tv for the person who wants a good tv at and affordable price. This one runs around 500.00 not bad for a HD flat screen tv. We picked this one because of it being a name brand tv. There were others at some stores that we had never heard of. This is very nice for a little money.

Fruitland, MD


RCA - LWD12 32 Inch Diagonal LCD Widescreen HD Television

4.3 4