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RCA - DVD Player

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It's been 3 years and still keeps going


We bought this DVD player 3 years ago when our old player conked out on us out of the blue. It took a while to get used to it but it's a pretty nice, sleek machine that has great options and is still going. I never expected an RCA DVD player to keep running for more than 2 1/2 years max but this one is still going.  Granted, the remote has a lot to be desired but it is 3 years old and technology changes so much in that time.  The features available are very user friendly and even I can switch without looking like a techno dufus.  Because the machine is still kicking (knock on wood), I'm waiting until it finally kicks over until we switch to a Blu-ray. Or until the hubster nags me enough that I finally give in and we go get one.  I think the latter is going to happen first considering how this machine is going. We watch quite a few movies so we have, in the 3 years we've had this, really gotten our money's worth.  Maybe this will be our spare DVD player. 


Sherman Oaks, CA


The RCA-DRC212N DVD Player is one of the best I use and still do


I quite frankly love this DVD Player. I have 2 in my house as of right now and they have wonderful image and sound quality. If people do not have one of these DVD players right now they should really go out to buy one. These DVD Players are worth the money and time because I have had one for a few years and it still runs like a new one. This DVD player has superb features on it and I quite frankly would love to brag on it. The remote that also is with this DVD Player is also easy to use and tech savy. It isn't very big and bulky which I love about it's sleek design. The only bad thing about this DVD player is somewhat of the price. It is a little pricey but come on it will save you in the long run. I've had mine for a while and it has not tore up yet. So, Honestly if I were you I would buy this DVD Player because the quality is beautiful and the quantity is most likely limited to all people.


Laurens, SC


run as fast as you can from RCA electronics


RCA has made a horrible product. Out of the box the slots jammed up. Had to smack the machine to loosen them everytime I wanted to watch. After a couple weeks that quit jamming. THEN the remote went out. Used it. Sat it on table. It never worked again. NOW the thing won't manually turn on. Just watched a movie in it last night. Turned it off. BY hand. of course. Now it won't turn back on. Went to RCA's website. No place to email them Just stay as far away from this company as you can.


Evansville, IN


RCA - DVD Player

3.3 3