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RCA - Consumer Headphones

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Listening freedom


I live in a duplex with thin walls. I also wear hearing aids when I'm around others but prefer not to when I am alone. I bought these headphones so I could have my television turned up loud enough for me to hear it without disturbing my neighbor and they work great! With these cordless headphones, I can walk the length of my home without missing a word of whatever program is on. I can go out to the garage or, even further, to the mailbox, and still hear just fine. I also plug these into my music player and listen while I clean the house or work on projects. I love these headphones. They have truly changed my life. Before I had these, I never listened to music because I had to have it turned up so loud it was crazy, or I had to find some way to be connected to my player with a wired headset and all those dangling wired got in my way when I was working on various projects. This headset is really the best for me. Sound Quality I am not an expert on sound quality as I have had hearing aids for years and years, but for me, I am very satisfied with what I hear with these headphones. Comfort Sometimes I forget I have them on. Design I can wear these with my hearing aids without getting feedback.



Great Product, Just Beware of where you get it from!


**I bought this because I was in need of a good wireless headset to listen to the television at night as my wife generally falls asleep before I do, and it's kind of a family tradition to watch some TV before bed. Well, I had tried out a few different brands and have really enjoyed these ones because they weren't only somewhat reasonable on the pocketbook, alothough not the cheapest, but I appreciated the range of motion with still being able to pick up the sound, and also the fact that it turns off on its own when it senses enough time of inactivity after use. That was different from others where you have to turn the thing on and off when you are using it. Who wants to get up and turn it off when you are finally dosing off and just want to get to sleep! So I found that was good. Also, there is a little static noise when you don't hear talking. I did make one mistake, though. I originally bought them from a store, and then found it cheaper online and ordered them. The ones online have given me nothing but trouble. So I will now stick to buying electronics from the store! Just figured I'd pass that on to you! **

West Liberty, KY


Enjoy listening without disturbing anyone else.


The RCA wireless headphones have allowed me the freedom to move throughout the house and still hear the music or program I am listening to. The quality is generally good  with very little distortion, but there is a little static once in a while when I am close to the transmitter and facing the wrong way. These phones are comfortable and allow adjustment to the ears and head. I can listen to the program or music as loud as I like without disturbing anyone else in the house. These provides a great deal of freedom. They are easily worn outside to the patio as well as anywhere in the house. A great product. I looked at several other models and these were the most comfortable and easily cover the ears. The RCA brand were the ones that fit all my needs and were reasonably priced. I would recommend to anyone.

Colorado Springs, CO


RCA - Consumer Headphones

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