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RCA 9" Portable DVD Player - DRC96090


The 9” Portable DVD Player Delivers Easy, On-The-Go Entertainment

The RCA 9” DVD Player provides an easy way to watch your favorite DVDs, CDs and JPGs. Its 9” LCD screen with widescreen TFT LCD display produces vibrant colors with exceptional clarity. And, with a built-in rechargeable battery, this DVD player can be charged on the go.

This 9” Portable DVD Player boasts a slim, compact design for no-hassle traveling. Plus, it comes with both Car/AC power adapters, so you can use it at home or on the road in your car. A built-in speaker and 3.55mm headphone jack offer versatility. RCA-type jacks offer playback on TVs.

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Good sturdy portable dvd player.


Portable DVD players are a must for someone who spends a lot of the time on the road. Since we were needing a new one I looked up several different brands before finding this RCA portable dvd player. The main reason we bought this one besides the fact that it is a RCA and that is our brand of chocie is that it has a bigger screen than the other ones we were looking at. The screen is clear and crisp- the picture is brilliant and bright and I have no issues watching movies, cartoons or episodes of tv shows on it. The sound is just as good, I was a little wary of not being able to hear it while in the car, but I have no issues with that and the sound is just as good on the speakers as it is when you put a set of headphones in it or listen to it over the car stereo system. The portability of this dvd player is great, it is small but not too small, and compact so it fits into purse or backpack for easy storing etc when on the go. It is sturdy and mine has fallen a couple times and stood the test of being bounced out the car, with no real damage other than a scuff or two. I am blown away with how good of a device it is for how cheap I got away with paying for it. It was under a hundred dollars and works better than my laptop for playing movies. It is a must have, and would recommend it to anyone. Great buy and great dvd player.




This is great for trips.


I bought this portable DVD player to use in the car on road trips. I love that it has speaker jacks so the kids can watch movies without disturbing everyone else in the car. The movie quality is great. I was amazed at how clear the graphics are on such a small device. This DVD player has made car trips more pleasant and entertaining. It does not take up much space and it is surprisingly durable. It has lasted longer than any other portable DVD player that I have ever bought. I just wish the screen was larger so that more than one person could watch a movie.


Drakesboro, Ky


Take along


My purchase of the RCA 9 inch Portable DVD Player came about as the result of a birthday gift for a spoiled 9 year old. I made the purchase online after doing some price comparison work. I really feel happy with the purchase because it is both durable and well constructed. I also liked that it's screen was slightly bigger than most of the other models I had initially considered. The resolution of the screen is quite impressive in my opinion too.The best feature of this DVD Player is that you can connect it to your regular television at home as well and allow it to function as a regular DVD Player. The negatives issues about it is it's battery life time - it lasts about 3 to 3 and 1/2 hours at the most before needing a charge. I wish it lasted a bit longer than that for the long road trips we take. It also did not include a carry case. It would have been nice but, it's obviously not necessary. I would suggest that you consider purchasing some sort of carry case to accompany it to keep it secure and protected. I do believe the purchase was a good decision and my daughter uses it all the time.




RCA 9" Portable DVD Player - DRC96090

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