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Rayovac - AA Alkaline Batteries

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Rayovac is a quality name in batteries


My household goes through mega amounts of Double A batteries. So much that I just invested in rechargeable ones. However, for years, I used Rayovac batteries to run our Wii and toys and remote controls, etc. I believe that the name brands are better when it comes to batteries, mostly from just observing the no names last zero amount of time. I consider Rayovac a name brand, but one that is less known than the Duracell or Energizer names. It's probably because they don't advertise nearly as much. But it's also probably why you can get the same volume packs of Rayovac batteries without paying so much money. At least 20% cheaper and that adds up when you're talking about so many batteries. And as for performance, they are at least comparable to the other name brands already mentioned. I've used all of those and lots of generics and I believe Rayovac is a quality battery name and recommend using them.

Hollywood, FL


Rayovac batteries beat the bigger brands in price, but...


...then die of old age before having time to celebrate the victory. Rayovac alkalines are excellently priced. A very large pack of them (usually a 10 pack) will typically retail for about as much as a four pack of Duracells or Energizers. However, expect that four pack to last considerably longer before going dead than any four of the Rayovacs. The good side? Even though the large Rayovac pack might not measure up to the better batteries pound for pound, they still aren't bad. You may have to go through the mild annoyance of changing batteries more frequently, but you'll probably also get more buck for your bang out of the Rayovacs, since there is indeed strength in numbers in this case. However, don't even think of using Rayovac alkalines in a digital camera with flash. Seriously, I can take five pictures with the flash on using a couple of brand new Rayovacs and by the time I'm ready to take a sixth the batteries are so drained the camera won't even turn itself on anymore. In comparison, 2 Duracells will last for 15-20 pictures before they too are eaten alive by the Great Kodak Monster.

Atkins, VA


RayOVac Batteries Are Strong for Work and Play


My grandson became the Nerf Gun King this past Chriastmas. You'd better believe I gave him a large package of RayOVac Alkaline AA Batteries. They keep his Nerf dart pistol with laser sights always ready for play. I chose RayOVac as an economical alternative to the higher priced brands. They seem to last as long; I certainly don't hear the grandson complaining.  He and his sister can battle out their sibling rivalries to their hearts' content. RayOVac Alkaline AA Batteries are dependable in our flashlights at home on the farm, too. When a ruckus starts in the animal area we need a flashlight right away. These batteries are strong and give the light power needed to find out what's wrong with our small animals. Out in the country we have predators that love chicken and rabbit dinners.You don't want to bump into a skunk unexpectedly in the dark, or get bitten by a coyote, possum, or racoon accidentally cornered. Rabies shots are painful. In the kids toys, or in our flashlights, We count on RayOVac Alkaline AA Batteries.

Bremond, TX


Rayovac gets high marks for low price, low marks for performance


I am always looking for the best deal on everything I use, including batteries, which we seem to go through like water these days! Rayovac batteries are very economically priced at all of my local grocery stores, and oftentimes have a coupon available to make an already great price, better. However, I have discovered that a low price comes at a, price, with these batteries. My infant son's swing takes 6 AA batteries. When we first got the swing, we used Duracell batteries in it, and they lasted for several months. Once those batteries started to fade out, we decided to give Rayovac a try because of their great low price. These batteries lasted all of two weeks before we had to replace them! 6 batteries is a lot of batteries to be replacing every couple of weeks! I am very disappointed Rayovac batteries. Their performance just isn't up to par. So even though the price may seem great on these batteries, you will most definitely be saving money by paying more up front for a battery that will last so much longer than these cheapies!

Manchester, IA


Rayovac Batteries are good for the price.


We go through batteries in my house like they went out of style. We do have a few re-chargables but don't always get them charged up when they run down. So I always keep plenty of back up batteries around. Having 3 wireless guitars, 2 wireless controllers, and a wireless mic to play RockBand, the batteries get eaten up almost on a daily basis it seems.  I have found the Rayovac AA batteries to be pretty good especially for the low price I pay for them. As much as we go through batteries , I wouldn't be able to pay any more for batteries than I do for the Rayovacs.  I usually get them on sale at Menards and buy them in the largest pack they have avaliable. I thinks it's a 30 pack. Now, there's usually some sort of deal or rebate when I buy them but I am more than willing to tend to filling out some paper work and mail something in. I still have forever stamps that I only paid 41 cents for. So, all in all, these are good batteries for the money.

Colona, IL


very reliable


The Rayovac AA alkaline batteries is a highly trusted brand. Rayovac AA alkaline batteries is the third leading battery next to Duracell and Energizer. Rayovac AA alkaline batteries has quality for its retail value. No other generic brand can compete with Rayovac. Other generic brands are incapable of lasting for a long period of time. Yet, Rayovac AA alkaline batteries are very durable. Rayovac batteries were designed to provide energy to other electronic devices for months. The Rayovac batteries are available in just about any major and small retail stores. These batteries are sold in packs of four, six, eight, eighteen, twenty-four, even thirty-six. I would recommend this product to all those who use such devices that needs this type of energy. I guarantee that those who purchase this item would not have to worry about the battery power for a while. These batteries are even effective in today's modern devices. Even children would not have to worry about the battery life for such devices. Children can enjoy playing video games and conduct calculations for his or her homework without any interruptions.

Vero Beach, FL


Rayovac - AA Alkaline Batteries

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