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Chef's Knife
R.H. Forschner
R.H. Forschner Superblade: 8 inch Chef's Knife

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Bang for the buck: Forschner 8 in Superblade Chef Knife


Once in a while you come across a product that screams bang for the buck value.  When you pick up this knife and use it to cut your first tomato, you will have to say that this is such a product.  Priced less than a quarter of the cost of some of the more higher end chef's knives from European manufacturers, with performance that even exceeds these other knives, purchasing this knife is a no brainer for the budget conscious and for those who need a basic knife. Sure this knife does not have the fancy exotic steel or random damascus of the best of the best lines of the knives out there on the market...But the cutting performance out of the box (which most people look for and for which most people do not have the time, expertise, or materials on hand to sharpen such knives) is outstanding.  This knife is not a be all, end all, panacea solution for your cutting needs in the kitchen for life.  This knife should set up a transition to those looking for sharper cutlery and making it stay that way by using sharpening stones or strops.  But this can be said for any knife---and for this knife to be a revelation for most people as far as how sharp their knives can and should be, this knife is a standout.

Beverly Hills, CA


The Forschner Victorinox Chef's knife is amazing


In my house, we have two Chef's knives - the Victorinox and a Wusthoff classic.  Both are excellent, but my husband and I argue over who gets to use the Victorinox.  Considering the Victorinox costs one-fourth to one-third of what the Wusthoff costs, I think this speaks volumes about what a great buy the Victorinox is.  It's lightweight but sturdy.  I really appreciate this as my hands are small. The blade is thin, sharp, and has just the right amount of flex.  It cuts tomatoes without smashing them and minces herbs without turning them into a paste.  When sharp, it cuts right through onions and trims steak.  We do use a knife sharpener to keep the blade nice and sharp and a honing steel.  I love this knife.  It works as well as much more expensive blades at a fraction of the cost.  I would reccommend it to friends and family.  In fact, it has become my go-to gift idea for weddings, bridal showers, and housewarmings.  

Ann Arbor, MI


Inexpensive doesn't always mean low quality


Highly recommended. I am very happy with mine. Exceptionally sharp, right out of the package. Easy to clean. Handle is easy to grip, even with wet and slippery hands.I originally looked at the R.H. Forschner* knives after a review on America's Test Kitchen. I now have a chef's, a paring, and a santoku. * Made by Victorinox, the Swiss Army Knife manufacturer.

Van Nuys, CA


R.H. Forschner Superblade: 8 inch Chef's Knife

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