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Quinny Buzz Stroller

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Very well made versatile


Very good sturdy , not a air travel friendly . Can use is from 4 month to 4 yrs . Seat can be positioned many angles from upright to supine position .


Branford, Ct


Best stroller


Excellent brand.


New jersey


if you need a light comfy stroller


Baby has always been comfy in it but you cannot hang diaper bag or back pack from handle or it will tip over very scary with baby inside, there isn't much storage for when you go shopping.




great compact stroller!


We were looking for a great compact stroller that we could travel with and came across the Quinny! If you are looking check out how easy to break down these strollers for travel (flight,trains,busses etc) . I use mine for an every day stroller. I walk my son to school and back every day and apparently it is comfortable because my daughter constantly falls asleep on our walks! When putting it in our vehicle it has an easy break down. If I didn't tell you that my stroller was in my truck you wouldn't even notice it is there.Also comes with connectors to use as a travel system! They also have great accessories you can purchase seperatly! Once again if you fly a lot this is perfect! Quinny sells a travel bag that easily fits your stroller. No worries it will safely make it to your destination without scratches or stains from the trip. Design Love love love how compact it is as well as how comfortable it is for my child. Child Comfort My little one is always falling asleep in her Quinny Maneuverability I can literally push this stroller with one finger!






I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller!! It's unique and very modern! Folds easily, and stores great in my compact car trunk! I love the fact that it grows with my child! from infancy, her maxi cosi car seat fits on top... and as she outgrows her car seat we can convert it back into the stroller. It's very useful! The tires are inflatted which provide a quiet and bump free ride. As soon as we put our daughter in the stroller she's already snoozing. This was our 3rd stroller purchase, and we have been sold! It is truly the best on the market. The price tag is definitely worth the splurge! The only disadvantage would be the small basket compartment. If it would be a little more deeper with more space, it would be better!


Surprise, AZ


quinnys are the best


I was given my Quinny stroller as a gift when I had my ninth child. My brother and his wife had one and swore thta it was the best. I have had many strollers throughout the years but this one is by far the best. i love the design and the ease of the stroll. I can push it with one hand very easily, even through rougher terrain and dirt. I know that the price is a little steep but had I bought it when I stared having kids, the investment would have definitely paid off. My other strollers only survived one or two chidren with a lot of wear and tear. The Quinny is holding up really well. My baby is eighteen months now and I am having another baby in June so I am very excited that we have this reliable stroller. We did buy the car seat to fit in it for the newborn which fits in perfectly snug. I like the way it reclines for the baby's comfort. The only downside is that it can be difficult to fold up at times.


Wellsville, UT


Best stroller I've ever bought


I love my Quinny Buzz. It's comfortable, it's convenient, it fits in my car (a Mazda RX-8--- this is one of the only full size strollers I've been able to get in the trunk!), and looks amazing, and it pushes and rides like a dream. I was originally looking at Bugaboos when I saw a Buzz at our local stroller store. And when I tried it out, was totally amazed. It pushes like nothing else, and turns on a dime. My daughters both fit in it (one is 5, and one is 17 months),  and I've never gotten so many compliments on a stroller before in my life. My husband was annoyed at me for spending so much money to replace the Graco Quattro monster we had until he pushed it around- and now he loves it too.  We also invested in the matching Dreami Cot, and were very pleased with how useful it was. It doubled as a stroller, napping place, and travel crib for my youngest when she was a baby. There are a few drawbacks to the Buzz. 1) There are no cupholders. For as expensive as the darn thing is, I would have expected a cupholder thrown in. 2) I wish the bag underneath was bigger- it doens't hold a lot. 3) the wheelbase is kind of wide. I've never gotten stuck anywhere with it, but it's come close. 4) it can be tricky to close at first. Opening it is is the easiest thing in the world, but it could benefit from a one-handed close as well.


Midlothian, VA


Totally worth the money!


I don't really have anything bad to say about this stroller.  I LOVE being able to switch out the seats......from bassinet to carseat to actual stroller seat.  It has grown with my child.  So easy to maneuver in stores or outside at the park.  You can push and turn it with just one hand!  My husband loves the stroller because of the adjustable height in the handle (since he is quite tall).  I love that it opens up in just 1 click.  it is so nice to be able to turn the stroller seat to face me too.  That way if it is windy or if my child is tired, I can just turn it to face me so he has a little more privacy.  I wish that Quinny made a double stroller!!


Glen Allen, VA


Didn't live up to the Buzz!


I wanted to love this. I saw it in pictures and then in the store and really thought it looked so cute and cool! We bought it on a whim to match with the Maxi Cosi Mico we got but you only realize what a bad deal is when the baby comes and the whole system causes you more grief then relief! First of all I have to say that the ride is smooth. It is so easy to push, even with just one hand. And for what we paid that really is the least it should do! The one thing that I really hated about it though is that when we used it with the Maxi Cosi Mico car seat it was so hard to clip it into place. If the baby was already sitting in the car seat, it was even harder to try and get it to click into the right slots. Sometimes it would take several tries before I could ever get it to click. And sometimes you just don't have time for that! Not to mention what a task it was to take it off the chassis! I don't think I could ever recommend it to anyone...


Federal Way, WA


looks good, feels great


This stroller is like a tank. It's big, solid, and drives like a SUV. I could seriously go off roading with this sucker! We got it  for our new baby. I requested a Quinny because I wanted something chic and modern looking. Luckily,we found one on sale and went for it. We had to put it together which is doable but not necessarily easy. After that, I realized as chic and modern looking as it is, it's not very portable. Because of it's size and weight, it is far too cumbersome to get in and out of my station wagon easily. Therefore the stroller has really become just a neighborhood walking stroller and not one that we'll ever travel with. But as a neighborhood only stroller, it's fantastic! The seat is very comfy and reclines. We were useing it with our son when he was only a few weeks old! The cargo basket is a bit small but not much of a problem since we're just strolling not shopping. The handle is adjustable which I like so I don't have to hunch. No amenities like a cupholder though. The umbrella isn't very large and doesn't tilt very much. But I love it and people always stop to ask me about it. 


Charlotte, NC


Quinny Buzz Stroller

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