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Quikrete Fastset Repair Mortar

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Make concrete repairs in a jiffy with Quikrete


The home I recently bought had some cracks in the sidewalk.  Instead of ripping out the whole sidewalk we decided to make repairs to the cracks using **Quikrete Fastset Repair Mortar**.  Now the sidewalk looks better and it should be safer to walk on.  When using **Quikrete Mortar** we followed the directions for the area to be repaired, which are pretty easy, as follows:  - Remove all lose concrete - Remove all dust, dirt, debris - Dampen area with clean water - Mix each 60 lbs. of Quikrete powder with 1 gallon of water - Mix for about 3 minutes - Apply mortar mixture to cracks up to 2 inches deep with a trowel - Brush away any mortar crumbs before completely dry - Dries in about 30 minutes   We did not have a mixing pan so just did the mixing on the edge of the sidewalk. This worked OK except we had to quickly clean it off when finished to prevent the remnants from getting solid.  We also mixed small quantities as we went along instead of mixing the whole batch and risking having it set-up too soon.  Some helpful hints are as follows:  - Have plenty of water nearby in a bucket - Have two tin cans - one for scooping Quickrete, one for scooping water - Have a trowel - Have a sponge to brush off crumbs before it dries - Wear a mask and gloves - Quickrete powder could be inhaled - Use when temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit - Allow for about 90 minutes time to do 3-4 cracks  **Quickrete Fastset Repair Mortar** is easy to mix-up and use, and so far I am happy with the results. We used an entire 20 pound bucket on four cracks and also filled-in a missing chunk of concrete in another area.  I recommend this product for minor repair jobs around the house when you cannot replace the concrete entirely and just want a patch job that should last a number of years.


Denver, CO


Quikrete Fastset Repair Mortar

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