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Quik Trip is the best!


I love every Quik Trip I've ever been to.  They not only have the best prices, but they have the best selection of everything!!  You can get sandwiches, donuts, all kinds of great food.  Not just chips, crackers or candy bars like most stores. And I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself, but I know everyone loves Quik Trips's coffee!!  and if you sign up for Quik Trips's credit card you can save a few cents per gallon.  It doesn't seem like much but it sure does add up.  another thing I love about Quik Trip is they are always clean, unlike lots of stores you stop at to use the restrooms!!  They are always well stocked, they have almost anything you could want.  The staff is always nice and friendly.  I hope they contiue to build more Quik Trip stores.  I would like to have one close to home.  i always stop at the Quik Trip stores when we are traveling, but I'd love to have one that I could stop at on my way to work or home from work.  The store I always use is nice, but not near as great as Quik Trip.   

Blue Ridge, GA


The Ultimate In Self Service


*QuikTrip is not nationwide...yet.  Given time, I believe they will expand more & more.  QuikTrip offers more than just gas.  At many locations they are a fuel stop for truckers also.  In the morning you can find fresh breakfast sandwiches & donuts; not to mention the varieties of coffee. (Coffee...one of life's vital nutrients.) They sell everything from new & used DVDs to magazines to gum to bags of ice. (Gotta have ice for the cooler on those fishin' trips.)* *Sign up for their debit card and save 2 cents per gallon at the pump.  The card is linked to whatever bank account you choose.  Once again...BIG DEAL! (He said sarcastically) Given a 20 gallon fill up at $3.99 a gallon vs. $3.97 you save a whopping 40 cents.  * *I've found QuikTrips to be clean & well stocked.  None of them have an outside restroom as in days of old.  The sales help behind the counter always seem to be quick & freindly. * *QuikTrip locations...* QuikTrip operates convenience stores and travel centers in a number of metropolitan areas. These market areas are listed below. - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Springfield, Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas - Wichita, Kansas - Des Moines, Iowa - Omaha, Nebraska - St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois - Atlanta, Georgia - Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas - Phoenix, Arizona QuikTrip also operates one or two stores in the following smaller markets: - Bartlesville, Oklahoma - Columbia, Missouri - Lawrence, Kansas    

Saint Louis, MO



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