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Quality Health

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Quality Health is a great place for health information


I first signed up for Quality Health for the samples. Don't count on that part. I never seem to receive what they said I qualified for and I seem to have always answered all the questions they have for me to get additional samples. Then right after I signed up on the site I was diagnosed BiPolar. The doctor that diagnosed me did not tell me what BiPolar was, what to do (other than than the meds he gave me), where to go from here or anything else. He did not even explain what kind of medication he was giving me.I was totally lost. Then I remembered the information I had seen on this site. It really gave me good information and a direction to go in.If you will use this site for the health information that it has you won't be disappointed. I was able to learn about BiPolar and learned what at to ask him at my next visit. They have great articles, quizzes, newsletters, symptom checkers, groups, a drug interaction site to list your medications, There is even a form they will send you to help you talk to your doctor and to help you know what questions to ask. You can get drug information as well. I use this site often. It's been very helpful. Not only for my BiPolar but for all my family health issues. You can also get recipes at Quality Health and sign up for a newsletter that has tons of great recipes that are sent to you.

Mesquite, TX


Quality Health website is great for info. on all health issues


I received a link to Quality Health from a friend. At first I was a little skeptical because I have found that many health web sites are mostly just a bunch of advertisements. Just another way to try to get people to spend their money. Anyway, when I got to the web site, Quality Health, I was surprised. There were many articles that pertained to my specific health problem. (diabetes). There are some questionairres that you can fill out and you can receive free samples from different companies. The questions are geared to your specific health conditions. You can sign up for newsletters  and mailing lists for specific categories you are interested in. Yes, there are some links on the page for products that they want you to buy, but I guess that is how they produce revenue to keep the site up and running. Whether you have been diagnosed with a specific health issue, or you want to find out more about a condition, log on to Quality Health. You  will not be disappointed. Check it out. thank you.

Palm Bay, FL


Low Quality Health Advice


I first signed up for the Quality Health site to get free recipes and information on health issues.  The pros of this site is they do offer good advice on low fat cooking with delicious downloadable recipes and free fast food quizzes and calorie counters.  What disappointed me most is that in order to get the advice you always have to pass through surveys from third party sponsors to get to your site.  I guess they hope they will interest you enough into buying something.  Also they occassionally offer free samples of products like granola bars or snacks and I have yet to receive one.  This is a site with limited information, but it is worth checking out on a weekly basis.

Las Vegas, NV


Learn, Connect, Save...


"Learn, Connect, Save..." This is Quality Health's tagline, and as an avid health/fitness/wellness consumer, I'd have to say that it's a pretty accurate summary of what they offer.I stumbled across the site several months ago when I was researching autism for a friend whose child was recently diagnosed and was impressed with the depth and quality of content that was offered. While I was browsing, I noticed offerings for free trials on products that I use (contact lenses) and even some interactive tools to help you assess your health. Since I first saw the site, it looks like they've done a complete re-design, complete with a 'Connect' section that you can join to blog and post to message boards. I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer...

Jersey City, NJ


Quality Health

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