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Quality Encapsulations
Quality Encapsulations Yacon Syrup Metabolism Booster

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I was watching TV one day and I saw another diet product and of course I've tried them all! But when I saw that 75% (give or take a percent, I know it was close) of the women on the Dr. Oz show that participated in his research opportunity, lost weight with Yacon Syrup, you know I had to try some. I'm on my second bottle and I've lost 15 pounds! I can't believe it! It tastes so good and works perfect in coffee, on oatmeal and even by itself! I take it 15 minutes before I eat and it actually helps me eat less. I absolutely love it and I now have 2 friends that are loving it as much as me! I didn't think I would ever find a product like this. Amazing!




Quality Encapsulations Yacon Syrup Metabolism Booster

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