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Quaker - Stila Bars

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Too Good to be True!


For years I had a love affair with poptarts apple cinnamon pasteries. I thought for sure my family bought enough to encourage my local grocer to contine to stock them on the shelf, well we did not, the store stopped stocking them, and I missed the thick appley cinnamony filling that was perfect when the pastry crust was warm right from the toaster. So years go by and I find no replacement...until I tried the quaker stila bar. The exact flavor from the poptart I longed for, and I did not have to heat them up in the microwave, crunchy oatmealy bar; the best part each serving is just 100 calories. Well, I went back to stock up because they come six in a box, and all the boxes that were on the shelf were due to expire the next day. There were none in the back or at the warehouse. Sad, so sad no telling if they will order them again. If you can find them get them while you can, in the meantime I will be working on a homemade stila bar

Canal Winchester, OH


Quaker - Stila Bars

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