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Quaker - Simple Harvest Chewy Granola Bars

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Tastes great


I needed to get more fiber in my diet.  I thought i would try the quaker granola bars.  They tasted great and really worked for me.  Also you find lots of coupons for quaker products that helps me stay on my budget. I have never tried a quaker product that i did not like. That is one of the main reasons with so many granola bars out there i make the decision to try these.  Plus i had a coupon that day,.  But i really loved them. They have a great taste that makes me feel like i am getting my sweets for the day.  I am trying to diet but still need that fix everyday.  Lucky for me no only do i get fiber but it makes me feel like i have had a treat.  Not that they taste like candy. The price is very reasonable too, and you can find them just about every where even at  little mom and pop stores.  I love the fact that that this product works two fold for me.  I am getting thinner and healthier by eating this product too.  They fit in to my purse so i can carry them with me too.

Kings Mountain, NC


I Simply Love the Oats and Cashews in a Multigrain Granola Bar


There are two foods that I obsessively enjoy.  One is salted cashews, and the other is oatmeal.  Any product that combines both cashews and oatmeal is a must-try snack for me.  Every morning, I'm munching on a cereal that is either made of oat flakes or contains granola oat clusters.  Every evening, I'm snacking on a handful of cashews mixed with [Craisins][1] .  So that just goes to show you how much I looked forward to trying the **Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain Chewy Granola Bar** - **Honey Roasted Nut** flavor. In a nutshell, this all natural granola bar is made from oat, wheat, and barley, along with crisp rice, cashews, peanuts, pecans, molasses and honey.  At 160 calories per bar (60 calories from fat), it's not the healthiest snack you can eat, but it's better than consuming a Snickers bar, or a square of fudge brownie with walnuts (another favorite of mine). The taste was not monumental by any means, but it was satisfying with a full flavor.  I enjoyed the combination of the sweetness with the saltiness of the nuts.  It wasn't a moist bar, but it wasn't too dry for me either.  I thought it had a flavorful and satisfying taste, a nice chewy texture, and an interesting blend of ingredients. Overall, **Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain Chewy Granola Bar** is a snack that I would definitely purchase again.  If you enjoy the taste of all-natural granola, this is good product to satisfy your sweet tooth.  It may be a little too salty for some, but because I do love cashews, pecans, and peanuts, I found that the salt content didn't bother me at all. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Ocean-Spray-Craisins-review-4e942

Chicagoland, IL


Great granola bar and tasty flavor, but not "healthy"


I received a free sample of the Cinammon Brown Sugar (w/ apples & cranberries) flavor and was very impressed by it. I don't usually like Quaker's granola* *bars (*Chewy)*, because I find them too sticky and sweet. But this bar avoided those flaws. I could clearly taste the apples and cranberries, and the cinammon complemented these fruits very well. The bar also has all natural ingredients, which is definitely a plus.The only complaint I have is that there is still too much sugar and calories (10g, 140 cal) for a "healthy" snack of this size. I'm picky about the amount of sugar in snacks, and in my opinion such snacks are more delicious without the unnecessary sugar. That's just my taste preference, but I still highly recommend this product.

Cary, NC


Healthy Chocolate Treat


I am not much into breakfast so when I need something it must be easy and quick, so I usually grab a granola bar.  I like to eat healthy so many times I find granola bars sacrifice taste and quality for lower calories and fat, but not this one.  These new Simple Harvest granola bars have a great taste and are good for you.  Each bar is only 150 calories with 4.5 grams of fat so they are a healthy choice.  The Dark Chocolate variety is a great way to get a little chocolate for breakfast that is good for you.  Each bar has the taste of oats and grains with the sweetness of chocolate.  The bars also come in a cinnamon variety or roasted nut, but this type is my favorite.  The bars come boxed and are a little expensive, but worth the higher price.  I like these new bars and it is a great way to eat a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Las Vegas, NV


just to dry for me


Okay since it was a free sample I thought I'll give it a try. The special K bar is so good I thought maybe the Quaker simple harvest bar would be good. Uh no. Wrong. So dry and just not for me. I tried the chocolate chunk.

Louisville, KY


A healthier way to get my chocolate


I got a sample of Quaker Oats Simple Harvest Dark Chocolate Chunk, so decided to give this a try. I am trying to eat better, but leery of all the new granola bars, energy bars, etc, because most taste like cardboard, but this one was different. It was chewy, and had wonderful dark chocolate chunks. The granola was great in itself. I am not really a dark chocolate kind of girl, but it really works with the granola. I went out and bought a box, and was still pleased. These make a great snack. They are sweet, but have ingredients that are good for you.Each bar is made of all natural ingredients, such as oats, barley, and wheat. Now, they aren't the lowest calorie/fat snack, but much better than many out there. On this particular bar, you get 150 calories and 4.5g of fat. One box has 6 bars, so they are great to have around for that occasional snack. They are also available in Honey roasted nut and Cinnamon brown sugar with apples and cranberries. They are worth trying, especially if you can still get a free sample from their website!

Bethany, OK


Healthy multigrain snack


I've only tried the Honey Roasted Nut flavor, but was not very impressed with this granola bar.  At 160 calories per bar, I would have expected more flavor.  Though it has a lot of healthy ingredients (rolled oats, whole grain barley, cashews, and pecans), it seems overly salty to me.  I'm glad I had a coupon on this so I didn't pay full price.  It is not likely that I will buy this granola bar again, at least not in this flavor.

Durham, NC


Quaker - Simple Harvest Chewy Granola Bars

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