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QL152 Instep Quick N' Lite Aluminum Bike Trailer and Stroller

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Baby fun time!


We bought the aluminum bike trailer a few years ago to help with us staying in shape riding around the park it is very easy to assemble and use. one of the better ones we have seen and used,Great product and after two years still seems new we would recommend trhis product to anyone who needs a bike trailer




Overall nice stroller/bike trailer...some problems


This trailer is difficut to convert from stroller to trailer and back.  The front wheel must be perfectly adjusted to make turns.  Overall my kids think it is comfortable and they have lots of room for books and toys to ride with them.  Easy to bike with it attached.


Albany, OR


Instep Quick N Lite bike trailer perfect for getting kids around


The QL152 Instep Quick N' Lite Aluminum Bike Trailer and Stroller has worked really great for my two little boys! There are lots of parks and places to bike nearby our home and this has been a lifesaver for us as our boys are not quite fast enough on their bikes to keep up. Living in a very rainy place, it has been a huge advantage to have the plastic rain cover. It keeps them dry really well. We have had a flat tire from running over a tack, but the tire tubes are easily replaceable. One issue we've run into is that the cloth floor of the trailer sometimes scrapes on the ground, as the kids' feet push it down. It really only scrapes if we hit a bump, but it does wear down the material. The kids also slump to the middle of the trailer a bit. It is not that much of an issue, but it would be nice if it did not do that. It's nice that there is a lap belt as well as shoulder belts. As far as pulling it behind the bike, it is very easy. All in all it's a good bike trailer for the money.


Molalla, OR


It's ok, but not what I want


I got the In Step Quick N' Lite Aluminum Bike Trailer and Stroller because I wanted a jogging stroller. A co worker recommended this one. I also like that it can convert to a bike trailer for kids because I like to ride a bike. Well I've changed my mind now. I think I would still like it if I used it more, probably if I had a bike. But at this time I don't and I have been focusing on running. This holds two kids. There are some pockets on the side, but nothing in the back and nothing for me to put my water in. So I can drink while still running. I have to put it in with my kids and stop and get it out. Really annoying. Also I couldn't use this until my baby turned a year old. The seats don't recline so my smallest one can't take a nap. I hate the buckles they are not really easy to use. They don't look all that comfortable too. This makes going for a long run or walk difficult because it doesn't work for my youngest kid. 


Lehi, UT


Instep bike trailer is a good value


We got this bike trailer and have had good success.  It's very durable and is very safe.  I love the harness system.  The kids love being able to go on rides with us.  We have had 1 and 2 kids in the trailer and they seem comfortable in both instances.  We have not used it as a stroller yet so I can't comment on how easy it is to convert.


Wichita, KS


QL152 Instep Quick N' Lite Aluminum Bike Trailer and Stroller

3.8 5