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Pyrus Electronics
Pyrus Electronics - 4GB MP3 / MP4 / MP5 Player

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The Downgraded Ipod Touch


The touch screen often takes multiple tries to hit a button and it often makes you hit the wrong one. It is very frustrating. The memory life is okay and you can get a couple songs and games before using up all your memory. I would seriously recommend a sony walkman (no touch screen) because it is so much better. Sound Quality Decent sound quality but I find my self plugging it in to a portable speaker more often than not. Performance Poor preformance. Battery Life If you fully charge it, it can be out in 45 minutes. Durability It has medium duribility but the screen scratches just by hitting it with your fingernail. Ease of Use It is a bit bulky but it is pretty good. Design The design is from the past. 2002 has come forth a decade. It brought the mp3 with it.



"MP3 Player" Electronics


I Love This Device.  It Can Relate To Many Teens And Many That Likes Music.  Now And Days People Like Touch Screens.  This Is A Touch Screen That Every Body Will Be Dying To Get.  I Love This Creation And Many Will To.  If I Knew How Much This Was I Will Buy Alot Of Them If I Could Afford That Much.  This MP3 Can Do Anything That It Says On There.  It May Contains Videos And Recordings And May Be A Camera.  I Can Actuallt Cherish This And Would Want To Keep It Til It Wont Work Anymore.   Like I Said Before Many Will Love This And It Will Pay Bucks.  The Touch Screen Device Is What It Is Mostly About During The Late 2010 And Now Starting Off The New Year 2011 Many Should Be Interested In This Beautiful MP3 Player That Is Very Beautiful And Comes In Many Colors.  I Honestly Would Enjoy This Device It Can Be Very Helpful For Me To Clean Up The House, Go Jogging, And Excercise By Dancing. I Love This Device And You Will Too.

Orlando, FL


Pyrus Electronics - 4GB MP3 / MP4 / MP5 Player

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