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Pyridostigmine BR
Pyridostigmine BR Mestinon

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Mestinon can be very upsetting.


This is my review of Mestinon.  The generic is called Pyridostigmine BR.  I was prescribed this medicine by a Neuro-Ophthmalogist, due to my condition of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis.  I was supposed to take it as needed to keep my eye lids from closing.  It has to be taken with meals.  It upsets your stomach real bad.  I started taking a whole pill with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A lot of times this sent me to the bathroom two or three times, about an hour or so after eating.  I started just taking a half a pill at lunch and dinner.  This seemed to help my stomach, but it didn't help my eye lids from closing, especially in the evening.  Mestinon seems to do it's job, if you can tolerate it.  I'm also taking Prednisone, and the side effects from it are pretty bad, but I don't think it has any affect on my Mestinon.  On my last visit to my Rheumaltogist, I asked him about the Mestinon.  He suggested I start taking the Time released Mestinon; and wrote me out a prescription for it.  I have been on it for four days now, and it seems to be working a lot better.  If you are having trouble with your Mestinon, I reccomend trying the time-released.    Ron

Bloomington, IN


Pyridostigmine BR Mestinon

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