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Pyrex Clear Glass 1.3L Baking Dish Oval Roaster, # 803-B

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Great for a variety of things


I am rating this a 5 because I love using this oval roaster. Its very unique and durable. Doesn't Stick I always use non stick cooking spray when baking, and have not had any problems with anything sticking to this dish. Heat Distribution I have found that things always cook evenly when I use this dish. I used to have to turn things around half way after cooking but this one seems to distribute easily Ease of Handling This dish is not awkard to handle like some others, and its also not too too heavy to where you feel like you are always going to drop it, either. It fits nicely in my own and on my counter, as well as in my sink and dishwasher Ease of Cleaning I throw mine into the dishwasher to be cleaned. If you handwash, it comes out just as good Design I like the depth of this particular dish. I find that I can roast a number of things in here from turkeys to casseroles. I also like that its oval so I can fit larger things like turkey, chickens and pot roasts, with no problem. Durability I have had this for a few years and its holding up great. I would buy the same on eif this one broke.



Nice small-ish baking dish


The Pyrex clear glass 1.3L oval baking dish roaster is a versatile dish. It can be used for just about anything, so long as you don't need a large amount of it (for example, this dish would not work for a large casserole.). It is ideal for dips, especially those that require baking, though it's pretty enough you could easily use it just as a serving dish. You can even use it for making large pies. Pyrex is a great brand. Its drawbacks are that the glass tends to be relatively heavy, and of course it is breakable (don't drop it on tile floors--I speak from experience). I love that it's clear, though, so I can see how the sides/bottom are cooking. Pyrex also doesn't scratch or dent, which means you can use whatever kind of serving/mixing utensils you want without worrying about damaging your baking dish. You can use it in the oven, freezer, and microwave, and it's dishwasher safe. Great investment!

San Antonio, TX


Solid Product


I use this one a lot for baking and it makes a great pie tray. It's very large and enough to make a pie with 10 generous servings. The depth is perfect to allow an ample amount of filling. Handles are not heat resistant, so mittens or gloves are definitely a must when using this product. One thing you must do is not to let sudden cold air or set the glass on a cold counter after heating because thermal shock will occur, which will cause cracking. This has happened to me so hopefully you can avoid that happening to you in the future. This glass is able to stand temperatures that produce a great pie, very easy to clean and also it does not retain any of the smell of the ingredients that are used. Very durable and can last for many years if you are aware of the potential for thermal shock. Heat distribution is great as the pie is the same temperature throughout and baked evenly.



best oven glassware


This is the only bake ware I found to he the best Doesn't Stick Food doesn't stick and is easy to wash Heat Distribution Heat is good through and through the food Ease of Handling Handles easy... Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is easy and fast Design Love the design. Durability This product is very durable. I have banged it and had it tossed with other dishes never chipping or breaking

Castro Valley, CA


Pyrex Clear Glass 1.3L Baking Dish Oval Roaster, # 803-B

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