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Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar

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It just takes a little bit on a wet washcloth. And you just gently massage it into your skin. Then, rinse completely and towel dry. Your face is as clean as can be!! :) I use this on my combination acne/rosacea skin. So far, it is working well to remove dirt and makeup. It is slightly drying, though.



Good for wiping oil off your face


Before I bought this, I did my research on all the acne skin care products and made sure that what i bought would not give me anymore breakouts. This face bar from purpose seemed quite popular so I decided to give it a try. When I opened the box, it was an orange block and it took a while until it became that soap bar feel. The product is good for cleansing your face, especially if its oil, but it can be a bit drying to you would need to use lotion after. I use this in the morning and at nighttime and it did help my face become a bit clearer, but it did not help with blackheads, or white heads. IT does a good job on drying zits though and the best thing about it is the price and the longevity of it. I bought it for only 3.99 and It lasted me for months. Other products would usually begone in 1 month and then I would have to waste more money buying another one. You would have to buy a container to keep the bar in or else it would get all soggy and messy.

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Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar

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