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Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride MSM

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Puritan's Pride MSM is one of the best for the cost.


My husband has been taking MSM from puritan pride for years now.It has helped with his daily aches and pains of having bad hips and back.The nice part about MSM is you can always take more on damp or troubled days without side effects like from all over the counter medication.I would recommend it to anyone who takes over the counter pain medication. There are very few things ,I would not order from this company they ex-ell, in all they make.Not to mention the great deals of buy one get one free and buy two get three free . Nice to see puritan pride is finally getting the recondition they deserve.The company has been god sent to my family as we always try to stay natural in all health issues.If you are on a budget and need or desire to make changes to natural solutions this is the company you can trust to give the best quality without the high price.  I have never had any issues with puritan prides service it also gets a A plus ! If anything is wrong with your order they are quick to fix the problem.

Quakertown, PA


Good for pain and leukemia


Puritan Pride vitamins, minerals and supplements have good quality at an excellent price. Every month or so they have a sale either buy one get two free, buy one get one free, buy two get three free and other variations that keeps their prices below competitors. I have been using Puirtan Pride supplements for years now and am a satisfied customer.Puritan Pride's MSN is a sulfer supplement that provides relief from pain of arthritis and other joint pains.  It is one of the supplements also rcommended for people suffering from Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia. Having Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia it seems that when I run out of this sulfer supplement and don't take it for a few weeks my critical numbers go up and once I'm back on the supplement they go down. I can only assume that MSN is having some effect on my leukemia. Puritan Pride's MSN is a quality product that goes a long way in helping joint pain as well a CML.

Cabot, PA


Large quantity and great price


I have been taking MSM for a little over a year.  I noticed within the first month that my hair and nails have been growing like crazy so I know it's working. I found Puritan's Pride brand MSM in 1000 mg. dosage to be the absolute best value considering the amount of product which is in the bottle.  If anyone out there is trying for hair thickness and growth, this is your product.

Ramona, CA


Puritan's Pride MSM

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