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Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride Alfalfa

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This product reduces inflammation and pain from arthritis.


For many years I have had to live with arthritis. eight years or so ago, a health food store owner told me about Alfalfa. This is a natural product which grows in the field like wheat. The woman told me to stop taking pain medication and start taking Alfalfa, I listened to her advice. It turns out, it was the best advice regarding my condition, I could have received. Since I started to take the supplement, it has become no longer necessary to take medicine for my arthritic condition, no more pain pills. The Alfalfa reduces any inflammation you have, and it also reduces considerably any pain that accompanies the arthritis. It comes in tablet form, 500 mg. You take two of the tablets a day for at least two weeks, then one or two a day, to keep it in your system. There is no medicine in the tablets, it is a natural product, but it is a great combatant to the pain and agony of arthritis. The product is available at any large health food store or vitamin, mineral area in most drug stores.  Puritan's Pride, the vitamin catalogue company, usually has sales on their products where, if you buy one, you receive one free. Buy two, receive three more free. Their toll free number is 1-800-645-1030. Prepare to be amazed at the relief from pain you experience, after you have used the Alfalfa for a while. It may take a while if you have had arthritis for a long time, but keep taking it. Tell anyone you meet or know, who suffers with arthritis to try Alfalfa, and please tell them to share the knowledge with anyone they know, who could benefit from the information.  

Blackwood, NJ


Puritan's Pride Alfalfa

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