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Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Adult Dog

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for over 15yrs now!


I was in a pet store and saw a hugh box with samples of this brand. Up until that point I used what the previous owner gave me. I rescued her from the pound and she lived for over 15yrs. when I brought this sample home she loved it and I bought her this from thaty day forward, Even when she got older I bough the senior brand! Sadly she passed away last year and we had to get another dog. we ended up wioth 3! But we now buy them the same food. I asked mt vet about this food and they said it was one of the better food for dogs. It;'s made buy purina and so far so problems.

Franklin, OH


I promise never to stray from Purina again


Purina was the very first manufactured animal food... & it was invented in America... Remember the Teflon scare several years ago, hundreds of pets dying from Teflon poisoning, because most of the ingredients were manufactured & contaminated in China, then shipped to America for pet foods made here. Not Purina... Only 3 pet food companies were 100% made in America from 100% American ingredients... You guessed it... one of those 3 was PURINA!!!!! I was convinced to switch to Iams/Eucanuba (that's right they are the same company). Both my dogs (a poodle & a Maltese) teeth rotted. My small animal vet removed half the teeth, (too traumatic to remove all at once). I spoke with my large/farm animal vet & he suggested I take them off I/U & put them back on Purina. The teeth got stronger, & the first vet did not have to take out the remaining teeth & they were buried with those teeth in tact, when they died of old age. I now have Gizmo, a Lhasa Apso, 2 times I have been persuaded to strayed from Purina, supposed to be far better than Purina. His hair got stiff, dry, dull & his teeth got rotty. He is old so I thought he was slowing down & showing his age. I got curious & put him back on Purina. His coat is great, his teeth don't look good but he chews bones, again. & he runs & prances every where & jumps back up on the bed by himself again. And my cat... the same thing... I PROMISE I WILL NEVER STRAY FROM PURINA, AGAIN ! ! ! !

Epsom, NH


Purina Pro Plan is great!


My vet just recommeed this Purina Pro Plan Dog food to me. I have read that this is supposed to be very nutritional with very high protein content with nutrional extras. It does not have all the fillers that alot of dog food companies put in their food either. This is a dry dog food that helps keep your dog healthy and nutritional. You can actually get Purina Pro Plan for puppies, adult dogs, seniors, cats or kittens. This is a mixture of hard pieces and shredded kibble. It is not the hardest on teeth which is a fairly great thing. You can pick different flavors as well, There are beef & rice, chicken & rice and there is also lamb & rice that you can choose to feed your pets. i have tried this with my oldest dog and he actually loves it. He was also a few pounds underweight as well when he had his vet check too and once he started eating this with the high protein it helped to boost his weight back up to where it needed to be for him to be healthy. Thanks Purina for coming up with such a great dog food!

Linville, VA


Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Adult Dog

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