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Dry Cat Food
Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Kitten Food

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Makes A Difference!


I really never thought that cat food was that different. I only have had indoor/outdoor cats and they like to catch many wild things , in addition to their cat food, and have always eaten whatever s in their bowl. I love my cat(s) but felt cat food is cat food and get the treats at times and am not adverse to a bite of peanut butter or whatever we are eating. I now know that Pro Plan does something different because when my cat 's bowl is low and I add cat food she isn't satisfied if she knows the Pro Plan bag is stiil around. The flavor s and nutrition as well make a difference to my cat , and although I felt cat food is cat food , I believe as an instinctual animal she must know that there s more to Pro Plan. She has never been that picky with the " regular" brands that I would circulate ( based on sales price, coupon ...). Pro Plan is a food she looks forward to- gets excited about and says something for cats like I've had that can catch their own "fresh" food.



My Cupcake LOVES this Pro Plan meal.


As I said in an earlier review about the Purina Pro Plan moist meals for kittens, Cupcake had an issue with her intestines and, Vet recommeded, this Pro Plan dry food was added to her moist food along with some antibiotics and she is so much better now! I give the Purina line of kitten foods KUDOS for helping me manage my new kitten's rough start in life. If my Vet feels comfortable suggesting and recommending this product to pet owners, there is something to be said about that because there are more expensive, Vet pedaled products that can be purchased but my Vet felt this was best for our animals. Quality of Ingredients She loves the product, seems to adore the crunchiness and I love the size for her smaller mouth. Coupled with the fact that she adores this food mixed in with her moist, it's a winning combination for both kitten and owner. Flavor Selection I do wish there were more flavors. Granted, she doesn't seem to mind but, in my heart, I wish there were more choices for her.

Whitewright, TX


at last he eats


I tried other more expensive foods but my kitten would not eat them, they were name brand one was vet reccomeded. that one he out right refused. Sure I have to use more but what does it matter it's  doesn't matter if he won't eat it. He was under weight allready and could not afford not to eat at all. It must be the smell or taste that appeals to sully. Proplan is  his life saver.

Waterloo, IA


Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Kitten Food

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