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Purina One Natural Blends

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My dog likes this food better than her treats!


If you haven't already found a dog food you love, this is a great one to try. Purina One Natural Blends has several varieties - my dog likes the Chicken and Oatmeal. She seems like she loves the taste of it, even wags her tail sometimes when she eats! Previous dog foods had upset her stomach - I love this one because it keeps everything normal for her and seems to promote digestive health, if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Since switching I've also noticed that my dog's coat is more shiny than before, and overall she just seems to feel great, have lots of energy, etc. I'd definitely recommend trying it!

Houston, TX


great nutrition at a great value


This cat food by purina is well recieved by our very picky Siamese cat, Ping Pong.  She is finicky as any cat can be.  I tried this food with her because we received a coupon for it and it was a fantastic value with the coupon.  It ended up that she really liked it and we were able to save with the coupons that are always available.  I would reccomend that any cat owner give this food a try and make sure you check the paper or thier website for valuable coupons.

Raleigh, NC


My 14 year old cat has more energey on Purina One than ever!


Purina One Natural blends is the best cat food I've found yet.  My cat Fluffy is 14 years old and he has the energy of a kitten.  His coat has thickened, his eyes are clearer, and he is playful again.  I would recommend this cat food to anyone with an "elderly" cat!

Spokane, WA


my picky cats love this


my cats are so picky when it comes to their food. They used to only eat PurinaOne. Then when i discovered Purina Naturals they get even more excited for meal time. They love it sooo much. I will never feed them anything else!!

Arvada, CO


My cats really love this stuff


My two cats are rescue kitties, so when I got them, I did not have a good idea of what kind of cat food they liked.  I went through 4 or 5 different foods including one prescription food from the Vet's office before they settled on Purina One Natural Blends.  When I mentioned this brand to my Vet, she had recently read about this food and approved of the selection.  The main advantage is that they like it and don't get sick very often.  The only drawback is that it is kind of pricey for a Purina product.  This may be Purina's way of trying to break into Iams and Science Diet's market.  However, it is much less than these two brands. 

Oak Ridge, TN


Purina One Natural Blends

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