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Dry Cat Food
Purina ONE Natural Blends
Purina ONE Natural Blends Chicken & Oat Meal Formula Dry Cat Food

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My cat begs for it


I bought Purina One Natural Blends Chicken & Oat Meal Formula Dry Cat Food because I wanted a cat food that contained more meat than fillers.  But I didn't want to go broke in the process.  The first time my cat tried it she ate all that I put in her bowl.  I feed less than I would the normal brand but she seems satisfied. A bonus is she seems to be losing weight on it too.  She now goes to the cabinate I store it and meows for it at feeding time. She then gives the little mews of excitement as she waits for me to fill the bowl. I recommend this formula.

Kansas City, MO


Cats like chicken, and Purina delivers chicken in this product.


When I first opened the bag, the first 'whiff' of the food I thought - wow, that smells pretty dang good for pet food! The Diva Cats thought so also - they tore a hole in the bag before I served it to them. Real chicken, natural grains, natural fiber. Real food for my real pets - and it's available at most larger grocery stores.I volunteer with a local animal rescue organization. When adoptive families ask me for a reasonably priced pet food, I suggest Purina One. And now I suggest Purina One Natural Blends chicken. Because cats evolved in the desert - they should eat poultry. My cats live very long lives (18 - 20 years), thanks in part to Purina One.



great nutrition


My cat absolutely loves her Purina One Natural Blends food! This is one of the few things I can get her to eat besides treats. She will not even eat wet canned cat food that is how picky she is. I bought this for her and she rubs up against the beg as soon as I bring it home. She really enjoys eating this food. I feel safe buying Purina products because it is a Brand I trust. I like to buy her their treats too. It is natural which makes me feel good too. It can be a little hard to find but the bigger Giant Eagles some have it. It is also a little bit pricey but well worth it. I swear kitty can tell the difference. I can too. Ever since she started eating it she has a really shiny coat and seems much more energetic! I recommended my mom feed her cats this and she did. She has said the same things. Their coats are shiny and they are ready to play play play! Great food from a brand i trust and kitty loves!

Pittsburgh, PA


One of the better foods made by Purina


I have used the coupons and bought the small canisters to use as treats for my rescue cats. since the food I usually feed is a very healthy brand that is not carried at Petco or Petsmart nor is it available at the local markets. Since this food is essentially "health food" for my cats I use other types like Purina One Naturals as a treat and they go nuts over it! I am pretty happy with the ingredients and high protein counts so if I could not get my regular food I would feel OK about feeding it as the main diet.

Salem, OR


Purina ONE Natural Blends Chicken & Oat Meal Formula Dry Cat Food

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