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Purina ONE Healthy Puppy Lamb and Rice Dry Food

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Good for dogs with allergies!


My poor 2 year old Jack Russel has a chicken and beef allergy and it is so hard to find a dog food that doesn't contain the two. He began to loose weight and his hair started falling out. He was constantly sneezing and scratching. We tried this one and he absolutely loves it! He will go pull the bag to us so we fill up his bowl! It's a little expensive but totally worth it in my opinion. Quality of Ingredients I feel this contains high quality ingredients. I say this because my dog will not eat dog food that has the "dog food" taste. It has to be close to table food taste. He also is maintains a healthy weight and does not sneeze and scratch like he did with the chicken and beef dog foods. His coat looks shiny and thick again. He is back to his overly cheerful spunky self! Flavor Selection Again speaking on behalf of my pooch, this dog food is amazing! It is the only kind he will eat. Anything else he will turn his head from and/or knock over.




Purina One Puppy Food is low-quality and causes major gas.


We have been caring for a momma dog for several months now.  We had a few other puppies during that time and we were trying to help her to increase her weight and improve her overall condition, so we've been feeding her puppy food along with the pups.  I prefer to use high-quality products, but my husband thought he hit the jackpot when he could buy 2 bags of *Purina ONE Healthy Puppy Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food* for the same price as one of the bags of food that I usually purchase. The dog wasn't all that jazzed about eating this food and started chowing down on the cat's food.  Once I moved the cat food to a higher location that she couldn't reach, she only reluctanctly eats only a mouthful here and there.  She really doesn't seem to like it and my guess is that it gave her a major upset stomach as she has been dropping major gas bombs all day every day since we started feeding it to her last week. In the grand scheme of things, *Purina ONE Healthy Puppy Lamb and Rice Dog Food* sounds "healthy" and wonderful, but it is filled with low-quality ingredients and has given our foster dog serious gas issues.  I never would have bought it to begin with and you can be sure that I won't let my husband buy this stuff again! Not recommended! Quality of Ingredients I've been avoiding Purina products for years now because, in my opinion, they are low-quality.  This *Healthy Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula* contains ingredients like lamb, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, oat meal, fish meal, whole grain corn, animal (????) fat, poultry by-product meal, and many assorted vitamin and mineral supplements.  I try to avoid by-products whenever I can.  Corn is a known allergen for dogs that can cause digestive issues and skin/ear allergies.  "Animal" digest could come from roadkill, euthanized pets, etc.  Bottom line is that this isn't the kind of food that I'd ever buy for my pets/fosters, but when my husband proudly brought the bag home, I just decided to smile and dole it out.


New Jersey, NJ


Great choice


I foster puppies that come from puppymills, most of which have not had good nutrition prior to coming into rescue as well as health issues. We've tried many puppy foods over the years and found this to be the best choice and reasonably priced. I've even tried more expensive brands which did not agree with the pups. I've yet to have a foster that didn't love the food and kept them 'firm' :) very important when you are fostering a few pups at a time :)


Bay Village, OH


Love this!


I have a 5 month old Boxer names Cassius. We have been trying to find that perfect food for him. I want nothing but the best for him but times are tough. My Husband is in grad school and i am inbetween jobs so we are strapped for cash. We have tried an expensive organic bison and brown rice dry dog food as recomended by the trainer but he really didnt like it. And lets face it we could not afford it. Then we got into the Purina dry dog food blends. I had a dog for 16 years and he went from Purina Puppy Chow to Purina Dog Chow. He was healthy until the day he passed. So we decided to We starded with the basic purina puppy chow. Whenever i would put the bowl down he would inhale it. But i was not completly satisfied with the health benefits of the cheeper food. I then got a sample of Purina ONE Healthy Puppt Lamb and Rice in the mail. I was impressed. It was a great middle of the road dog food. Yes it is a little more expensive than the other purina blends. But its alot cheaper than the organice brands. My dog loves it and i have even seen an improvement in his coat. I would recomend this dog food to anyone that wants a dry dog food that is good for your dog and is not high priced.


Wheaton, IL


Great dog food, reasonably priced


 I have a 7 month old Welsh Corgi Puppy that has been on Purina One's puppy formula since we got him. We got him at 6 weeks old.  Even as a very small puppy, he was able to eat the bite sized pieces without any difficulty.  He also showed interest in the food right away - it obviously appealed to his sense of smell and taste.  Our dog has never had any digestive upsets that I could relate to this food.  While this food is not the cheapest on the market, it is also not the most expensive.  I consider it a good value, because it is made from high quality ingredients and is better that just feeding our dog any old swill.  It has a breakdown on the bag of many of the health benefits that come from eating Purina One, and hopefully they hold true, as we want our dog to live a long and healthy life.  Overall, it seems to be a good buy as a higher end dog food that gives our dog the nutrition that he needs.  My opinion is that it is a good food to start and keep your dog on for healthy living.


Columbia City, IN


Was recommended


When we got our puppy from the Humane Society they said to feed him Purina ONE healthy puppy food. While my puppy seems to be doing well on the food there are a few things that make it less than desirable. One he eats it so fast that it seems like he isn't getting enough and would make it easy to over feed. Second while this may be just me being picky I am only able to find this in a small bag which makes it inconvenient for me to buy since I have to buy the food more often than I would with a larger bag.  


San Diego, CA


Expensive and causes my puppy terrible gas. Worst smell ever.


I bought this food, hoping that my puppy would enjoy it. He doesn't. I have to mix something up with it or he just won't eat it. I will not buy another bag of this. I have tried many different brands (Eukanuba, Science Diet, Purina puppy chow, and a couple more. I plan on searching for another puppy chow...


Roanoke, VA


Purina ONE Healthy Puppy Lamb and Rice Dry Food

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