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Purina Moist meaty

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Good for finicky eaters, but the quality is poor


I had a small dog that was dropped at my doorstep a few years ago, and she was a bag of bones. It was very difficult to get her to eat anything, she was very finicky. She even turned her nose up at canned food. Out of sheer desperation, I picked up a package and gave it a try. She loved it. She ate an entire package and wanted more. I was happy she was finally eating something, but upon looking at the ingredients, I couldn't help but cringe. I'm not sure where the meaty part of the name comes from, but that's a stretch. The ingredients are poor, and the preservatives and additives are scary. I'd feed it to a dog that I couldn't get to eat anything else as a last resort, but I'd never choose this is a steady diet for my dog. For the cost per ounce, you can feed a much higher quality food, and feel a lot better about what your dog is eating. Can't say I'd recommend it as anything more than a treat or a special meal.



My picky dog loves Purina Moist and Meaty


My dog is a picky eater. Previously he would only eat Alpho selects. These did not agree with his belly and made his breath very unpleasant. The moist and meaty don't have this affect on him and I love the fact that they stay fresh and I can open only what I need. They also are not as messy

New Johnsonville, TN


My dog loves this food!


My dog is a picky eater and she will eat this food. I am excited about the new bacon and egg breakfast flavor! She loves that too! I like to be able to change it up a bit for her and give her varitey without changing brands.

Wentzville, MO


My dogs favorite food!


My 4.5 yr old dog has been eating moist and meaty for the majority of his life! When we 1st got him we tried expensive brands and he hated them. But, as soon as we got him his moist and meaty, he was in love! His favorite is the burger and cheese, but he also gobbles up the steak flavored one! Only thing that disappoints me is they rarely have coupons for it! Would love to regularly receive them!

Brook Park, OH


My number one choice for my dogs!


I have been using Purina Moist and Meaty for approximately 15 years now. I have three toy dogs who have very tiny teeth. All three dogs can chew this without any problem. I also put dry food out (with a small kibble), but they usually gravitate to the Moist and Meaty. The Moist and Meaty comes in little plastic individually wrapped  packets. This keeps the food moist and very fresh. The best thing about this food is that meat is listed as the first ingredient. This food was only offered in 3 choices ( steak,beef, beef and cheese). Recently, Purina has added a two more choices:Bacon and eggs, Lamb and Rice. The Lamb and Rice has not been available in my area. However, the Rise and Shine Bacon and Eggs is available and I have purchsed it many times now. All three dogs LOVE this flavor. I only have one very minor complaint. If the food is left in the bowl all day, then it does get a little dried out and hard , which is to be expected, of course. If it does get a little hard, the dogs still have no problem chewing it.  As for price, I would say it is about average. It is much cheaper at mass retail stores than at the grocery store. There is usually a coupon inside the box which can be used on the next purchase. Also, the food travels well. It is spill proof and not at all messy. This is honestly our number one choice for our dogs.

In Upstate, NY


Purina Moist meaty

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