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Purina Mainstay

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My dogs love it.


I had run out of dog food and asked my relative to purchase some. He bought Mainstay dog food and to my surprise, my pits loved it. They refused to eat the other kind og dog food. They'll eat the canned food but refuse to eat the dry dog food if it isn't Mainstay. It is cheaper that most other dog foods and is made by Purina pet food company. I would suggest trying it for yourself.

Brooklyn, NY


Mainstay is the Dog Food Solution to Urine-Burned Lawns


Because Purina Mainstay dog food is lower in protein, it is easier on the kidneys, AND an added benefit to the lower protein content is a less-caustic urine which is the cause of those ugly yellow pee spots on your lawn!  Ever since I started feeding it to my dogs, the yellow spots are gone.  I hope Purina never stops making it, and I panic every time my store is out.

Imperial Beach, CA


Purina Mainstay

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