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Purina Little Bites Indoor Complete Dry Dog Food

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Purina Little Bites has Little to be Desired


There are so many dog food options. Walk down the grocery aisle of any store and you will see so many different options you won't know where to begin. The problem, of course, is that most of the dog food you find in a grocery store is below average in quality and below average is certainly the final verdict on this dog food, Purina Little Bites. Purina Little Bites has a somewhat misleading name. It sounds like a food for puppies, but nowhere does it say this on the label. It oddly doesn't say it is for adult dogs either, but I will have to assume it is, based on the ads I see which never depict a small puppy. The kibbles in this dog food are small, and the small size makes it good for very small breeds of adult dogs. Dogs also seem to like the taste very much and they chomp down a bowl of food like there is no tomorrow. Ok, so dogs like the taste, so what exactly makes Purina Little Bites so undesireable? The reason will be clear once you read the label. Taking a look at the ingredients reveals that the most common components of this dog food are corn, bone meal, corn gluten meal, and soy meal. These are hardly the ingredients I want to see as the most common ones in any dog food I purchase for my beloved pet. There is some chicken, but it ranks far down the ingredient list. There are also a few artificial colors to make the food look more appealing and fun to adults, but to the detriment of a dog's good health. Based on taste alone, Purina Little Bites seem like a good dog food, but when you consider what they use to make this stuff, I cannot possibly give it a recommendation. It is very cheap and easy to find, but the low quality ingredients make this a dog food to avoid except in desperation, once in a great while circumstances. Quality of Ingredients Poor quality of ingredients in this dog food, so use it only sparingly Flavor Selection Dogs like the taste, but that is about the only redeemable quality of this product.

Houston, TX


Purina Indoor Complete is Fablious


Purina Indoor Complete seems to keep my dogs weight down and keeps the shine in his coat. He has less bowl movements and seems to be happier eating this food. I would say this dog food is a must for indoor dog owners.

Oklahoma City, OK


Great for healthy active dogs.


This is a great product it makes the animal feel better and they are more active and healther because of this product,. I have tried other dog foods for my pet and none can compare to Indoor Complete.  The dogs love it and that makes me happy. I have two big dogs that are mostly indoor dogs and they are more energetic and not as lazy with this food.  They are more like when I got them as puppies. They want to play and not lay around all the time.  And I beleive its because that Indoor Complete gives them what they need in a food and not all the extra fillers that are not good for them in the first place.

Grand Junction, CO


Just right for my Shih Tzu


Purina little bites is just the right food for my inside shih tzu.  The size is perfect for his small mouth and litle teeth.  He likes the food and it has a good nutritional value.  I am concerned for my dog's well being and budget conscious.  Little bites is a good buy for the price.

Brandon, MS


Purina Little Bites Indoor Complete Dry Dog Food

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