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Purina EN

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This food is great for weight management. My dogs simply love it


Being the owner of dogs of all age group, this food is good for young adults as well as seniors.  My dogs love this food and it takes care of various gastrointestinal problems related to food allergies.  It also helps maintain a healthy weight and shed some weight if needed for your dog.  I use the canned Purina EN as I have a few with not many teeth left.  They love it.

McKinney, TX


Purina En uses poor-quality ingredients to make it affordable


Purina En dry uses very poor ingredients: Brewers Rice, corn & corn gluten meal, all cheap and poor ingredients, as well as "animal digest" which is essentially a broth of unspecified animal parts from unspecified animals with no quality control. Those ingredients are terrible for your pet. If your pet is experiencing digestive problems, speak to your veterinarian about finding a higher quality dog food.

New York, NY


Purina EN

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