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Purina Dry Cat Food

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Should not be fed


No dry food manufactured by Purina, and very-few varieties of its wet food, should ever be fed to a cat. Purina uses too-much filler - mostly grain - which is carbs. Carbs cannot be processed by cats and turn directly to sugar, which overloads their system and causes diabetes. Most of the wet food also has wheat gluten, which is counter-indicated for cats (and dogs and people, too, for that matter). There are many-other brands that are higher in protein and lower in carbs, which is just what cats need for a healthy diet. I know all this from experience. I had a cat diagnosed with diabetes, and the vet couldn't (wouldn't?) tell me why cats get this disease. My research led me to the answer: Commercial food. Most manufacturers use grain as filler. Cats need meat (including poultry & fish) NOT grain. Grain is cheaper than meat, providing for a greater profit. But our pets suffer. By eliminating grain, starch & sweeteners from my cat's diet, I was able to take him off insulin, and his glycemia returned to normal.

Aurora, CO


I trust this cat food


I have 1 cat he adopted me. He came to me one morning, he appeared to be stucked on the roof i finally got him down and brought him in, gave him milk and fell in love with this little kitty he was about 6 months old  So we put out signs and no one claimed him. He was ours to keep now,so now this little kitty is about 15 months old and doing great he will only eat PURINA CAT FOOD he enjoys both the canned food and the dry food but it has to be the brand PURINA so only the best for him will do. Now if only I can get him to stop trying to run outside everytime the door opens when he does get out I go and get the dry food and shake the bag and back he runs for his PURINA CAT FOOD, What a happy Cat he is today He is healthly, and of course happy, and eating the best that any cat can. He eats a half of can of PURINA CAT FOOD a day a little in the morning and alittle at night and has PURINA DRY FOOD in a bowl for his inbetween feeding he has it all What a Life..  

Riverside, CA


Purina Dry Cat Food

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