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Purina Chew-eez Strips - Savory Chicken Flavor

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So So!


I reviewed another product and like the Snauges better than this product. My dog seemed to want to chew - she never chewed on furniture, but I could tell she would take sticks from outside and just chew. So I decided to buy something like that for her so that would not want to always chew on sticks. I decided to buy this and I did not like it at all for her. She did not mind, except maybe the time she almost choked on a piece. The Chew eez got very soggy and when she began to choke on a small piece I decided to throw it out. I thought that maybe it was a fluke but I gave her another one and that time she also almost choked on it. Not sure why she has difficult time with it, but since then I decided not to buy this product. I have tried regular rawhides and she has no problem, but this one, a no go! So unless you are with your dog at all times when giving this product, I would watch them carefully and do not give it to any small dogs.



Shake to find your dogs' preferred thickness...!


I agree w/LindaOH, in that these are loved by dogs, safe, a great way to give a dog something fun to do & eat...& also a little pricey. However, like LindaOH, my dogs are worth far more to me than a couple extra bucks vs. chancing their lives on something from China or other countries who don't value, much less follow, our dietary & safety laws & ideals. (Not that the actual workers in those countries don't value, etc. - but, for the almighty yuan rénmimbì, the bosses of many companies there have certainly proved willing to pass off anything as food. This has happened here in the US in our history, too, I know, so please don't excoriate me because you think I'm anti-Chinese, or whatever.) Beef & chicken are the two flavor options; don't be afraid of the reddish-brown beef "stains"! I've given beef Chew-eez (chicken, too, but they don't leave behind designs à la Pollock...) for years, & our dogs always decide our bed is the best place upon which to gnaw away. The first time, after I saw all the reddish-brown "stains" everywhere, I was ticked at myself for allowing that to happen. However...Glory Be! All the "stain" came out in the wash, even w/o any pre-treatment. Perhaps if I had a silk coverlet, or something equally fine &/or irreplaceable, I'd watch it, but I now actually prefer the dogs munch these on our bed rather than on the carpet or elsewhere! If on the carpet, etc.,, I can't just pull up all those tacks & toss the mass in the wash, but I can do that w/our sheets. I swear - we have no stains on our sheets or comforters from Chew-eez! My main reason for commenting - which will explain this review's title - is to give you my hint on finding the "perfect" box. If you give the boxes a little shake & you hear lots of rattling, those boxes have a few thick slabs of rawhide, vs. many thin strips; our furry children want many thin strips. None of my 3 current dogs like the thicker strips/slabs (perhaps I should say deep or shallow? If the strips are 7" long & 3" across/wide, then I'm speaking of whether they are 1/8" vs. 1/3" thick/deep. I hope this makes sense!) even though they are large dogs (although other dogs we've been honored enough to live with, over the yeats, have preferred the thicker strips/slabs). They decidedly like the thin/shallow strips best; since you need more thin strips to reach the same weight as fewer thick strips, the thin/shallow strips are packed in the boxes more densely, giving less of a rattle. SO - if I shake a little & hear a lot, I put them back on the shelf. If I shake a little & only hear a little, that's a box I want! I always hope there is someone else out there who wants the opposite, so we even each other out.



Purina Chew-eez Strips - Savory Chicken Flavor

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