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Purina Busy Chewnola for Dogs

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Messy And Expensive


I am always looking for new treats for my large breed dogs; they are active and can handle a couple of snacks a day. Since they love to chew I decided to get a couple of the Chewnola bone treats for them. They come in several different sizes and have a combination of brown rice and granola added to the outside coating. Under that there's a bone that's hard and crunchy. Two of my dogs liked these but only to the point of getting the granola and rice off of the bone; once the accomplished that they had no interest in the actual bone. My small breed dog looked at it, sniffed it, looked at me as if to ask if I was crazy and walked away. Even though I got him the small version of it, he wouldn't even pick it up and give it a taste. I can't say that these treats are bad but they are messy and a little on the expensive side. If your dog likes them then great but you won't know that until you give them a try. For my dogs if they did like them and I started buying them on a regular basis I'd be concerned with them having loose stool from the granola on the outside of the bone so chances are I'd only give them once of these once every couple of weeks.



Interesting dog treat that last longer than you think.


I had a killer coupon for these Purina Busy Bones, so I picked up a pack, thinking that my dog would chew through them in no time.  I have a little 15 pounder, but she's a chewer.  I had set the groceries on the kitchen floor and before I knew it she was rooting through the bag with those treats trying to get to them.  She loved them!  I have tried a lot of busy bones and some last a while, others she chews through before I even knew she had it.  This one is a little different.  It looks like a granola bar, so I expected it to be a little softer.  I wasn't.  It was the same treat underneath the granolaly bits.  She chewed and chewed and didn't let that thing go until about 2 hours later when it was gone.  Then, she konked out, apparently worn out by all the chewing.   It left a bit of a mess on her bed, with some granola bits and a little bit on a stain.  I don't know if the granola bit were left because she fell asleep and didn't clean them up herself or if it is just a messy treat.  I didn't find any after she ate the second one, but she didn't eat it while I was home.  The stain washed out when I washed her bed.  So if you are looking for a fun, different treat for your dog, this one will be good!

Maroa, IL


My pup loves her Purina Busy Chewnola


My husband and I try to be very conscious of what we are putting in our dog's stomach. Purina Busy Chewnola was a safe bet for us. The ingredients contain no bi-products and things that are good and nutritious for her. As a full grown Brittany it last her about twenty to twenty-five minutes of down time for us. We sit her down and she loves it. She never leaves it till she knows she has eaten every crumb and then licked at the carpet a bunch. If that doesn't say how much she loves it I don't know what will. If you have a dog that leaves treats for a while I wouldn't recommend this for you. The granola is the first thing to come off and just falls to the floor. The price is reasonable and comparative to other busy treats. I have been able to find this product in many stores when doing my normal shopping. Dogs will love this treat for the texture and flavor and you will love it for the time it allows you to do other things. Get this product for your favorite four legged family members.

Waukesha, WI


I was skeptical at first, but the dogs LOVED it!


I'll admit, I bought Purina Busy Chewnola Bar Treats because I had a fantastic coupon.  Even so, as I was standing in the aisle looking at these treats, I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't more appropriate for a bird.  It definitely doesn't look like any dog treat I've ever seen before. However, our dogs aren't nearly as picky as the cats.  They will grudgingly eat treats they don't like, so I figured if the worst happened, I just wouldn't buy these again. Wow.. I was apparently wrong, or else my dogs are part bird!They LOVED these treats.  The horrible slurping and crunching noises coming from under the dining room table attested to how much they were enjoying it!  It also really does keep them busy, as both dogs like to suck all the "chewnola" off the outside before chewing on the rest of it.  I'd say that one bar lasts them each about an hour or so.  I worried it would be super messy, but it's really not too bad- the dogs slurp up anything that falls to the carpet, so I never have to deal with any mess!These things are a little pricey- I'd love to see an option where you could get 4 smaller bars.  Hear that Purina? Get to work please! :).  They are definitely work paying full price for though!

Greensboro, NC


Chewnola is a treat that actually lasts more the 5 minutes.


The Purina Busy Chewnola Bar Dog Treat is one of my little girl's favorite treats. We have tried almost everything out there and this treat actually lives up to it's name. Most treats are gone in 2-3 minutes.  It comes in a 4oz package of 2 bars. They are a little pricey so be sure to watch for sales and coupons. My little girl is only 19 lbs and I think one whole one is too much for her to have all at once. So I cut each bar into 3 pieces using my husband's miter saw. It's like getting 6 treats for the price of 2. Just make sure the saw has been cleaned well. I also put a paper plate under it while I'm cutting them to catch all the crumbs of granola. Then I put those crumbs on top of her dinner and BAM. She eats like there is no tomorrow. These can also be a treat for you, watching your dog eat them. My little girl corn cobs every little piece ofl the granola off the outside first. It's fun to watch the methodical and patient way she goes about this. Then she unrolls it and eats the goody inside. She is left with the unrolled rawhide piece that she chews on and flips around like a toy. It's hilarious to watch. I highly recommend these treats for your dog. They will love them.

Colona, IL


Purina Busy Chewnola for Dogs

4.2 5