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Dry Dog Food
Purina Beneful Healthy Radiance Dry Dog Food

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Made my dog sick


This product is described as having salmon and fish oils to make my dog's coat healthy. Its colorful pieces are appealing to the (human) eye feeding, but there may be more than meets the eye. About a year ago, I stopped feeding my dog this food, after several warnings from my veterinarian, kennel operator, and several friends. My dog was throwing up and had extremely runny stool and was lethargic. Additionally, small tumors began growing. The veterinarian suggested it may be due to the food, pointing to many issues with similar low-cost dog food companies and especially food dyes used in these dry dog foods. I switched, and she has since fully recovered. I would never go back, nor would I recommend it. Quality of Ingredients While the packaging and associated product descriptions may suggest that Beneful healthy radiance dry dog food is good and "healthy" for your dog, I would suggest otherwise -- there are more natural products out there that do not have dyes or potentially harmful ingredients. Despite the low cost, it is not good.




Helps calm my itchy dog


I've been feeding my west highland white terrier this Beneful Healthy Radiance dog food for 3 years now. We started her out with the Beneful brand as a puppy and her vet told us it was a pretty good brand. Pretty good is good enough for me. I don't want to harm my dog with the cheapest dog foods but I can't afford the way more expensive "health food" brands either. This one is a great compromise. It's on the cheaper end of dog foods but is still high quality enough to benefit my dog and make me feel like I'm taking food care of her. Of all the Beneful types, we chose healthy radiance because our dog was seriously itchy as a puppy. Seriously itchy. This dog food says it promotes healthy skin and coat so I thought I'd give it a try. The results were not immediate or drastic. However, I can see that over time she has calmed down. She doesn't scratch nearly as often and she doesn't beg us to scratch her back as intensely any more. It's not drastic but any improvement at all is, again, good enough for me.


Tooele, UT


Horrible ingredients, junk food for dogs.


Why, why, why would anyone feed their dog a product that's top 3 ingredients are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product, and corn meal? That's just 3 of the long list of horrible ingredients. Food coloring? Wheat? No thank you, When I first adopted my dog, I fed him crap like this and he was very sick for two months before I put two and two together. He would go from diarrhea to constipation, he never had a healthy bowel movement. We are talking days without going number two and then days of going every hour. His eyes became cloudy, he laid around all day, he gagged when he ate, and started vomiting many times a week. I thought I had adopted a sick dog, when in fact, the food was making him sick. Since then, I switched to natural food (Natural Balance L.I.D. Lamb and Brown Rice) and he has not been sick one day. His potty trips are regular, his eyes are clear, and he has all the energy a dog should. Get this: when he was on corn-based food, I thought his eyes were black, when in fact, they are brown! I finally thought I got my grandma to stop feeding her dog Beneful also. But the last two times my dog visited her house, he has came home very sick. Come to find out, she has been mixing Beneful with the natural dog food I bought her! I am horrified! My dog is on day 3 of diarrhea and constipation. He is so lethargic, he can't even walk around the block. Don't even get me started on the gas that is coming out of him--yuck! Before anyone jumps to conclusions and say my dog has allergies-- maybe he does, however, even my grandma's dog stinks! His gas is beyond disgusting and he goes number 2 maybe once a day. His breath is absolutely cringe worthy and his skin is flaky. His eyes have a ton of discharge. So, it's not just my dog. I have had a lot of people tell me, it's just a dog, they eat trash and dead animals, so food like Beneful is fine. Um, no! Would you feed your kid fast food everyday? Come on people, look at the ingredients. Our animals are kids too and they can't tell you when their tummy hurts or they don't feel good. Please try a natural food with no corn or wheat. It's worth going to another store besides where you do your regular shopping. The natural food I buy my dog is actually cheaper than what you get at the big box stores. Quality of Ingredients There are no quality ingredients in this product. Flavor Selection Dogs like the flavor, but they also like the flavor of nachos, carpet, poop, etc. My point being: just because dogs like the flavor, doesn't mean it is good for them to eat.


Star, ID


Wonderful dry dog food for medium to large sized dogs!


My dog is a medium sized one and he LOVES these Beneful dry dog food products. The individual pieces are quite distinct in appearance and he definitely has a favoring of the salmon tidbits! The salmon pieces are soft and moist, which is probably why. But other than that, I'm happy that different vegetables have been incorporated into this dog food. Quality of Ingredients Salmon is a definite plus for healthy skin, fur, and bones for my dog! Flavor Selection My dog loves the salmon bits and always eats up the little carrot and peas first! Who knew dogs would be so partial to veggies? :)


San Jose, CA


does what it says. Improves condition of skin and hair


As a owner of both Beagles who are always hungry and rescue dogs with health problems concerning weight and skin This product is my choice because it does 3 things very well. Satisfies appetite. Keeps Weight off and within days you can see the difference in the condition and appearance of hair. It really does what it says. I have worked with differant products n this one is by far the best. Quality of Ingredients The ingrediants do their job. Within days the appearance and condition of hair n skin is noticed. Flavor Selection In my dogs own words... ME WANT more


Pompton Plains, NJ


Beneful contains cheap fillers


My dog has a fairly sensitive system, and doesn't do well with change in diet, so we have fed her Beneful, the food she ate as a puppy, for many years. I had heard it wasn't the healthiest dog food, but she was doing ok, so we kept her on it. Within the last year, she has started throwing up her entire meal, randomly. We decided to switch her diet. After researching what was really best for dogs, I realized that Beneful was not good for dogs at all. The main ingredients are corn and by-products...2 of the worst ingredients for dogs to have in their food. You will find these in ingredients in most commercial dog foods because they are cheap fillers, but these are the main ingredients in Beneful! I felt so bad that we had fed our dog such unhealthy food for so many years, just because it was a fairly cheap food to buy. You get what you pay for and I've learned my lesson. We have since switched to a more healthy (and more expensive) dog food, and our dog has stopped throwing up and seems to be healthier than ever now that she's getting a better diet in her life. I will never buy Beneful again, my dog is worth more than that. Quality of Ingredients After switching to a new dog food for over a year, my dog has not had stomach issues like she did with Beneful. I definitely won't be switching back anytime soon. Flavor Selection My dog liked the flavor. To me it smelled like poo.


Littleton, CO


Beneful Healthy Radiance: Cheap, but Acceptable Dog Food


Buying pet food is often a difficult decision. The reason is because of the artificial and potentially harmful ingredients found in many dog foods- particularly the less expensive brands. I will sometimes purchase these less costly brands in a pinch and one that I find acceptable is **Beneful Healthy Radiance**, a Purina brand dog food. **Dog Food Commentary** Beneful Healthy Radiance is a dog food formulated for adult dogs. The food itself is different from the typical dog food brand in appearance. Rather than consist of uniform size particles with the same color, Beneful Healthy Radiance is made up of different shapes and colors, intended to resemble pieces of vegetables and other foods. This dog food also contains a large dose of protein, real salmon, and Omega fatty acids, which help dogs to develop a healthy, shiny coat. I have been buying Beneful dog food products on and off for some time now and my dog has taken a liking to most of them. Healthy Radiance is no exception- my dog eats this food as quickly and vigorously as he does any of his favorite foods. My dog enjoys the taste and he finishes his bowl of food quickly. The small kibbles include crunchy pieces and softer pieces, so they appeal to my dog's desire for different textures. Taste is one thing, but what really matters most is nutrition. Beneful Healthy Radiance is less expensive than average, but it does offer a decent level of nutritional value than other popular brands so I don't feel as guilty when I purchase it. With Beneful Healthy Radiance, I can feel confident that, even though it is less expensive, this dog food at least has some good nutrition. It also seems to help dogs control their shedding. My dog has a white coat and I while cannot necessarily attest to Beneful's ability to make his coat shine, he does seem to shed less. Probably the main reasons consumers purchase Beneful Healthy Radiance are the price and the widespread availability of this brand. This dog food isn't dirt cheap, but it is certainly less expensive than the average dog food. The availability of this food is certainly another reason for its popularity. It can be found in pet stores, grocery stores, and even in small carry-outs. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Dog foods vary widely in nutrition and other benefits and Beneful Healthy Radiance is a good dog food that makes a good choice when you can't get to the pet store for a premium brand and you insist on something that meets at least a few of your minimum standards. This pet food does contain some questionable ingredients (chicken by products, artificial colors), but when compared to other brands on the grocery store shelves, Beneful Healthy Radiance is a good dog food option. Quality of Ingredients This dog food contains some quality ingredients, but also many fillers. Flavor Selection There are a good deal of flavors within each serving.


Houston, TX


Not a very good dog food.


I wanted to try a new and different brand of dog food because my dogs did not seem to like the brand they were currently on. Also their skin and fur did not look very good. I have seen Beneful advertised on television and thought I would give it a try. Well, that was a big mistake. I gradually switched them over and they just did not tolerate the food well at all. It was extremely low cost and I guess that should have tipped me off. They started getting diarrhea off and on and they had never had any problems with that before they tried this food. The food seemed to go stale quite quickly also. The dogs did seem to like the flavor but I guess it was like they were just eating dog candy and not quality ingredients.


Twelve Mile, IN


Rad Dog Food!!


My Boader Collie has food allergies and can get irritated skin and coat if she eats inexpensize food with strange fillers. Up till now we have had to buy expensive prescription grade food for her that is harsh on the wallet. This food has been a total blessing!! She is able to get a nourishing meal, and not suffer later with allergies, and irritated skin.


Saraland, AL


Not as my Poo for the Pup


I have been giving my dog Beneful dogfood for several years. We currently use the Beneful Adult Dog Food for dogs over 7 yrs old. Senior dogfood was recommended to me by my veterinarian. I have tried other dogfood brands to see which my dog prefers and she seems to like this one best. I think it is because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and textures of food morsels. All I know is that she gobbles it up. And the plus side for me is that there is less poo to clean up in my yard than I have experienced with other dog foods. I know, it sounds gross, but if you are a pet owner, you know this isn't a nice job--but someone has to do it. And the smaller the job, the better! So, I recommend you at least giving Beneful a try and let your dog decide!


Xenia, OH


Purina Beneful Healthy Radiance Dry Dog Food

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