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Dry Dog Food
Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food (All Varieties)

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My dogs favorite food


This is the only dog food my dog likes

Knoxville tn


Not very healthy


My dog has to have the fish base due to skin allergies..I have a pit mix and shes huge! She does like taste but seems it hard for her to digest w all the bad additives sometimes she snubs her nose at it and will skip her next feeding...a lot of the dyes/ chemical additives aren't the best and had a lot of recalls w the parent company..

Denver, nc


Nikki.... We feed her like one of the family,because she is.


Never would I have thought I could fall in love with a dog...A Pit Bull at that,but I have. Her name is Nikki and I love her as much as I do as my child.That's why it's important to feed her a well balanced diet.She has had a very rough time in the past with some other types of food,itchy coat,ears smelly ,just not herself. After a couple of days Nikki has improved . Just like a child ,she can be a finicky eater so I sometimes add a small amount of wet Purina with the dry and it seems to do the trick.



A name brand we trust


We use Beneful for our 3 1/2 yer old mix breed. He loves it, he's very picky we've tried other brands to save a little money but he would not eat them. It's easy for him to digest. Can be found at any local super market. Our vet recommended it. We've always bought Purina brand for all of our dogs. Never had any problems.



Doggy prongles.


Both of my dogs ( 12 yr old dachshund and 1 yr old lab pit mix) both eat and love their Beneful. We call it their "Prongles" so they have learned what that means!

Homeland, Georgia




My dog loves this and can't eat anything else or it will upset his tummy. He is a 5 year old black lab. His coat is shiny and he seems to think its the best dog food ever! It doesn't stink - only downfall is it can be a tad more pricey for it than other brands.

Houston, Texas


Our dogs love it


have to admit that I change up what brand of dog food we get from time to time. For some reason I always end up going back to this Purina Beneful Original dry dog food. My dogs really seem to enjoy this food. I have noticed that when my dogs eat this dog food they have a lot of energy and their coats are really shiny. Some dry dog foods that we have tried have not sit well on our dogs stomachs. They would end up getting sick. With this dog food though, that has never happened. I have never noticed my dogs getting sick or feeling weak after eating this dog food, which is great. I also like to buy this dog food because you can get a pretty large bag of it for a really reasonable price. Sometimes when I may need to save a little money I can buy a smaller bag for a cheap price too. I would definitely recommend this dry dog food to other dog owners because it is healthy for them and they really seem to enjoy it. I have noticed that my dogs prefer the original blend over the other flavors, but there are others to choose from.



Do Not Buy!


Absolutely Do Not Buy Purina Beneful dog food! I cannot stress that enough! If it is the only dog food available, buy rice and the cheap meat that is about to expire. Feed your dog that instead. I used to feed this to my dog, but it was making him sick, so I did some research and I will never buy another Purina product again! I feel so bad that the dog food made my dog throw up a lot and have diarrhea. He was just laying around acting like he does when he is sick. I never thought that giving my dog a certain dog food would land me in the veterinarian's office. Especially considering that dog food is supposed to be one of the high quality brands. After doing my research, I was shocked. Purina Beneful dog food can Kill your dog! Yes, that's right, Kill! There is actually a lawsuit out on them right now because of what this dog food does to dogs. According to the Arizona news channel ABC, there are more than three thousand complaints on this dog food. The lawsuits against Purina say that the supposedly high quality dog food causes internal bleeding, liver malfunction or failure, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, seizures, and kidney failure. Quality of Ingredients Kidney failure, internal bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss. These are all things that can be caused by Purina Beneful Dry dog foods.



My dog won't eat another brand now!


Prior to having my dog on Beneful Original Dry Dog Food, he was just on the regular Purina Small Bites because I don't use any other brand of food for my cat or dog. I tried Beneful because I had a coupon for it and I liked that it had some added nutritional value and that it was all natural ingredients. My dog turns his nose up to any other dog food now. Thank goodness Beneful is priced very affordably. Quality of Ingredients All natural ingredients that carry all the nutritional value my dog needs in a day. He loves the taste obviously because he won't eat anything else except our table scraps. Haha! Also, because Beneful is a byproduct of Purina, I feel confident that I'm providing my pup with a great dry dog food. Flavor Selection I think the flavor selection in Beneful Dry Dog Food is excellent as it carries all the things my dog needs nutritionally but it also has the perks of additional meats and vegetable additives that are all natural!



Not as good as the bag looks.


The ingredients in this dog food aren't that great. If you're looking for high quality you're going to have to pay more if you want actually meat and veggies in your dogs food. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients aren't good. There aren't any real benefits to this dog food and when I fed this to my puppy she wasn't getting the quality nutrients she needed and was left hungry. Higher quality dog foods can be pricey, but I recommend trying to get a little bit of a better nutritional value for your dog. My dog ate this just fine when she was little, but now she needs more from her food. Flavor Selection The flavor selection is fine. The packaging is great because it makes you think that you're really doing something great for your dog. I mean it shows vegetables on the front and a happy dog right? Honestly if this is all you can afford, like It was for me at one time, get it. It'll suit your dog just fine until you can find something a little better quality.

Pearl, MS


Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food (All Varieties)

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