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Purex Natural Elements Laundry Detergent - Apple & Melon

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great fruit scent


I grew up using Tide and occassionally Wisk.  Tide and Wisk both clean well but I don't like really like the scent of either.  I've never gotten an allergic reaction from using Tide, Wisk or Purex but I'm never allergic to any products I use. Purex doesn't clean stains as well as the other brands I've tried but I think it has a better scent.  Of the scents that I've tried, my favorite scent from the Purex Natural Elements line is melon-apple. The fresh green apple scent lingers in my laundry when it is done washing and it is still there when it comes out of the dryer.  It doesn't disappear entirely until days after I fold or hang my clothes up. Purex Natural Elements also have a matching melon-apple scented fabric conditioner.  When the matching fabric conditioner is used along with the detergent, it intensifies the scent. I use Purex once in a while to add some variety to the detergents I use.  When my clothes are not extremely dirty, I use this brand to save money because it cost less than brands like Tide and it makes my clothes smell nice. 

Chicago, IL


Smells great, but not very natural.


I tried Purex Natural Elements Laundry Detergent Apple/melon scent and I like it a lot. It doesn't smell very natural, but the fragrance is very light after the clothes are dry and I appreciated that. It makes the clothes smell clean and fresh and they come clean. The bottle is huge and the cup allows you to measure easily for small loads and large loads, so it's economical. My bottle was on sale so I tried it, but I am sure I will buy it again. The other fragrances smelled like a typical over-fragranced detergent but the apple/melon smells unique and that is why I picked it up.

Winter Park, FL


Purex Natural Elements Laundry Detergent - Apple & Melon

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