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Pureology PureVolume Conditioner

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Volume galore but overly drying and fading hair color


I used this conditioner along with the matching shampoo of the same formula. I loved how much volume it gave me, and used it for 3-4 months. I also really liked that the conditioner was highly concentrated, a little bit of this stuff really does go a long way. A drop about the size of a dime-penny was all I needed to do my fairly long (middle of my back) hair. The reason I stopped using this formula and can't give it a higher rating is because it failed to deliver on a couple key issues. First, I found my hair becoming too dry over time. It's true it delivered volume, but at the cost of moisture. Second, I found that the Pureology line didn't deliver on its promise to protect and extend my salon coloring. My hair faded as fast (or faster) while using this products. Scent The scent on this conditioner is fabulous. I wish I could get a bottle of just the scent and put it in an oil warmer or in my laundry. It's spicy, herbal, and modern. It lacks the overly flowery and sickeningly sweet scent of so many beauty products.



Trust worthy brand, so-so smell


I felt like this cleaned and conditioned my hair well. It's a brand sold by salons and so I feel it is of better quality and better for my hair. It works to add a small amount of volume. However, I don't like the smell. It can be a unisex smell, and in my opinion, smells too much like a man's smell with bordering on medicinal smell. Over all a good condition though. Effectiveness I was surprised that this line actually adds volume too your hair. But, do not expect high volume just from the shampoo and conditioner. It will feel slightly fuller, but for high volume you will need the other products and to take time to style your hair. Scent I did not like the scent. I was expecting a floral/perfume/feminine smell and was surprised to find out it is more of a neutral/unisex smell. I could probably deal with that, but the after notes seem almost medicinal in smell. It lingered on my hair and I don't like it.

Glen Ellyn, IL


Pureology PureVolume Conditioner

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