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Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo

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Pureology Essential Repair shampoo - works for me!


I tried the Pureology Essential Repair shampoo after using it (and other Pureology products) at a friend's house and liking the results after just a few uses. No doubt about it, this product is pricey and not available everywhere, but I think it is worth it for me. I have noticed that my hair is shinier, stronger, and overall healthier. I use the Repair shampoo and conditioner and also the Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, I tend to alternate them. There are other product lines from Pureology, so you can mix and match if you need to. I think the Repair line is best if you have some damage, and maybe once the damage has improved some then you might want to alternate. If you buy the larger, liter size, go ahead and get a pump (beauty supply stores have them) for each bottle - it is tough for some reason to handle the larger bottles in the shower, but I think that size is a better buy. I would say to give it a try, it is far better than the drugstore or other salon brands I have used. It is also sulfate free and safe for your color treated hair.

Arnold, MD


Love this shampoo


I love this shampoo. I have color treated hair that is also very dry since I began taking Accutane for my acne and this shampoo has saved my life. It is so moisturizing and makes my hair feel and look great!! I wash my hair practically every day so that I can style it, so I really need something that won't dry me out even more.  Before using this product, I used the Pureology Pure Volume shampoo & conditioner so that's why I tried this for my dry, brittle hair.  I combine it with the Pureology Essential Repair conditioner which I use 3 times a week and it does a fabulous job. Also, this product lasts forever!!  You only need to use a little bit each time you shampoo and condition. If you're used to using a handful of shampoo when you wash, you can stop doing that with this brand. So even if it costs more, it is really a bargain and it is definitely worth the extra penny. This product has my highest recommendation (and that of my hairdresser too).

Cumming, GA


Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo

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