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Purell Purifying Essentials Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Crisp Apple

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Perfect Puse Size Purifier!


I was so excited when I saw this in the grocery store that I had to get it, one of those impulse buys. It is well worth it. I've always been a fan of hand sanitizers, and always trust in Purell. But, now I can keep one in my purse! The apple scent is really nice, too. I work in an office environment, and and always worried around flu season that I'm going to catch a cold from someone else's sick child - and then, my whole family will be sick! This sanitizer really helps me feel in control of that. The perfect purse size is great to take on the go, too. You never know what germs are lurking out there, but you can know your hands are nice and free from the germs! Plus, it smells great, too! Love my pocket sanitizer!


Cayce, SC


bottle hard to squeeze


yummmy! this hand sanitizer smells so good! there are many pros and cons, so i will put them in list format! PROS! 1. smells great! it actually smells like real apples, no creepy fake smell here! 2. moisturizes your hands!  most hand sanitizers dry out your hands, not this one! your hands are left silky smooth! 3. your hands are clean! purell has a good reputation of killing 99.99% of germs, and i firmly believe that! since using this ive noticed i dont get sick as often! 4. the bottle is a neat-looking shape and the color is pretty! 5. its a really good value! you get quite a bit of sanitizer for your money! CONS! 1. the bottle is kinda hard to squeeze, so once you get to the end of the bottle you have to really have a lot of pressure against the bottle (i suggest having a friend help you) 2. the same as all hand sanitizers so take this as a warning not a con, but if you have a cut, it reallly really stings if you get some in ur cut 3.the bottle is funny shaped and looks odd if you have it in your pocket, it looks better to have a smaller b&bw hand sanitizer in your pocket overall its a really good moisturizer and sanitizer and i would highly reccomend it


Fort Wayne, IN


Perfect antibacterial size


I received this as a stocking stuffer and it is totally amazing. I have small children so I am always looking for antibacterial stuff I can keep in my purse or diaper bag, but the smell is usually a turnoff. The apple scent with this Purell Purifying Essentials Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel in Crisp Apple is particularly amazing. I love the scent and actually look forward to using it after I am in a location with no handwashing facilities available. Likewise I feel good about putting this on my little one's hands when they are dirty and I have no way of cleaning them off. I have already reccommended this product many times to my friends and family and on my parenting message boards and facebook because it is the perfect size to carry around and clean little dirty faces or my own dirty hands and leave a nice fresh clean scent behind. Particularly good for the fall/winter season because it's a good scent for this time.


Coos Bay, OR


You don't have to smell like a doctor's office to be clean


I really really love hand sanitizers.  With four little kids, we are pretty much surrounded by germs and sticky situations all day long.  Being able to squirt a little quick-drying liquid on my hands (or theirs)  as opposed to full-out washing them fifty-million times a day really cuts back on chapped skin, particularly in the winter.  Plus, let me not forget the convenience of having it while away from our home, or in the car, etc.  There's only one major complaint I have against hand sanitizers, actually, and that is that a vast majority of them really stink!  They make my hands smell like I've soaked them in antiseptic floor cleaner, or something.  I love the germ-free part as a mom, but as a woman, I really don't relish smelling like a doctor's office all day long.   However, one day I got really lucky.  As I was rushing to the check out line at my grocery store, I realized I'd forgotten to pick up the tiny bottle of hand sanitizer for our car I'd had on my shopping list.  Luckily, there was a small stock of them right there by the cash register, so I grabbed one on my way.  I used it for the first time a few minutes later, and WOW--it was AMAZING.  Of course, it did the job as it should have, but what really made the difference for me was the scent, Crisp Apple.  I felt like an idiot constantly sniffing my hands for the next hour.  What a wonderful product!  It is literally the first hand santizier I've ever smelled that smells edible.  Ever since then, unless there's an emegrency, Purell's Purifying Essentials Crisp Apple is the only sanitizer I'll buy.  Period.


Tallahassee, FL


Just a Touch of Purell Keeps My Hands Germ-Free and Soft


I don't consider myself to be germ-phobic, but I am careful about keeping my hands clean, particularly during cold and flu season.  To that end, I never leave the house without dropping a bottle of **Purell Purifying Essentials Instant Hand Sanitizer** into my bag. The purse-sized bottle holds 2 ounces of sanitizing gel.  I was afraid that the gel would feel sticky or leave a residue on my hands, but surprisingly, that's not the case.  Purell Purifying Essentials contains "vitamin-infused vanishing beads and moisturizers" which is a fancy way of saying they've added softening ingredients to help keep hands from drying out.  This hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs with a formula that contains 65% ethyl alcohol, apple fruit extract, and glycerin, along with other inactive ingredients. The Purell sanitizer smells great; a fresh apple scent that's not too strong.  The gel spreads easily and absorbs quickly.  I never have sticky hands after using it, nor do I ever feel the need to lotion my hands afterward.  Overall, **Purell Purifying Essentials Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel** gets an A+ in my book.  It's compact, moisturizing, with a clean scent and no sticky feel.  It's a great buy, especially during the cold and flu season.  It's also available in a Cucumber scent.


Chicagoland, IL


Purell Purifying Essentials Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Crisp Apple

4.8 5