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PureBliss Cool Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

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It worked okay for a while but then it seemed to lose shape.


We had one of these for a little while and for about a year or so it seemed to work quite nicely. I liked that the foam didn't seem to keep as much head in as a traditional mattress and it was able to breathe. I also liked that it didn't bounce around as much as a regular mattress so it was easier for me to sneak in and out of bed to run to the restroom. I hate moving around and waking my fiancé up at all hours of the night. The first year we had this, it retained its shape quite well. I didn't have any issues out of this whatsoever. I was always careful to rotate it and flip it every few months to keep it from losing it's shape and to keep it in better form. After having this for about a year, it still didn't transfer motion nearly as much as a spring mattress but I noticed that it would hold my shape where I slept and that the mattress was starting to indent a little. I was very unhappy with this. I called the company and they were quite rude with me. I figured this would last longer and not have indentions just from sleeping on it for a year but the customer service was not helpful. I just wanted a replacement mattress. I was going to even pay shipping costs but they accused me of not taking care of my mattress properly and a few other things. I liked it while it worked but when it started sinking in, I just wanted a new one because I didn't pay for a mattress that was going to wear out in a year. I was expecting a 10 year mattress because that's what I paid for. Comfort The first year we had it, it was great. It wasn't too fluffy and soft, but it wasn't firm either. I liked it. Support I liked this mattress before it started sinking in. After a year or so it started losing its shape but during the first year it worked great. It was soft but it was also firm at the same time. Firmness It isn't very firm but it's not soft and plush either. It was just the right amount of both. Durability I was expecting this mattress to last for a few years but after a year of making sure I flipped and turned it, it started to lose its shape and sink in.



PureBliss Cool Bamboo Mattress


This mattress is pretty comfortable but is very hot - it doesn't breathe very well at all! My chiropractor said I needed to get a bed other than my waterbed - big mistake. I really really miss my waterbed. When sleeping on my waterbed I woke up ready to tackle the day around 7:00AM; now I'm slow and not ready for anything until 9:00 if then! Most of the time I awake with a headache since using the "memory foam" mattress. I've also taken way too many Excedrins. I've tried a mattress top that is supposed to breath better but to no avail. I also tried a mattress pad that had tubes with water pumped through it but that only controlled the set temperature to + or - 7* F which didn't help and was noisy. I have a chillow pillow (contains water) that helps some. I will have to sleep on a different mattress this summer as it will be way too hot for me. My wife likes it so either it or I will transfer to the guest bed. It does feel good to get in a warm bed after geting up in the middle of the night as long as I'm up enough to let the area of my back and head cool down.

Nashville, IN


Still just as comfortable after a year!


The Cool Bamboo mattress I purchased a year ago is great. It is still as comfortable today as the first time I laid on it. It seems like the mattress breathes as it stays cool in the summer no matter how warm it gets outside. I've had a few friends say that they needed a new bed and I always mention Overnightmattress.com to them. I really appreciate their product. 

Shelby, OH


Love the mattress


Love your mattress, we purchased the Cool Bamboo memory foam mattress and the Versiflex foundation. Every thing came just as you said it would. The foundation was very easy to put together and the mattress had very little odor, only noticed it for a couple of days. The best nights sleep had in years.

Mylo, ND


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my mattresses.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my mattresses. I've recommended your company to family and friends and will definitely order from them again! I called with questions a few times before finally ordering because I was nervous ordering on-line sight unseen, and each person I spoke to in customer service was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, patient, helped me weigh all the options without pushing or pitching, and made me feel comfortable that I was buying a quality product from a good company. My experience was perfect, the price was right compared to the retail establishments I'd visited, everything promised was delivered, set-up was easy, and I am so happy to have found OvernightMattress.com!

Roswell, GA


PureBliss Cool Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

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