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PureBliss Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

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After a Year of sleeping on it.


  My review is for the Bamboo style mattress. I bought this mattress a year ago and think I am familiar with it enough to write an educated review. First impression can be sometimes deceiving, especially for a mattress. Most mattresses can feel good for the first few days even weeks, it's the long run that reveals the winners from the losers. Take my word for it, this mattress is a winner. Let me count the ways. I suffered from back pain that required me to visit a chiropractor a few times; once I started using this mattress, it was all gone. I know it sounds like a commercial but it is not, this is for real. Your sleeping area will seem much larger because you can sleep close to the edges without feeling like you are going to fall; the surface support is constant wherever you are. No more turning and twisting, you just sleep good through the whole night. You will start looking forward to going to bed. This company is very smart. I had researched the subject for months before I actually bought it and found out that their price/value ratio is the best in the market. How do they do it? Well, my take is that they took the fanciness out of it and give you a product that is no-nonsense. Realize that they only offer one or two basic mattresses and different covers that goes with them. After reading dozens of pages, I realized why. Studies show that 90 % of people will like their formula. There is about 5% who would like it firmer and about 5% who would like softer, so they cut a lot of costs by going after the big segment. If you are in these 5% you still might get away with it by getting a different cover, like I had to do for my wife, she prefers it with the bamboo cover. Doesn't make any difference to me. There is only one problem, but it can be easily fixed for about 20 bucks. The versiflex foundation box is the only weakness. To fix it you need to construct two more rails like the center rail that it comes with and add one on each side to support the whole structure evenly. Once you do, you are in for a luxurious night sleep. Without this you are only 80% there. This requires very rudimentary tools and minimal skills. Only wish the company would have done it itself.   

Apopka, FL


I absolutely love my mattress!


I absolutely love my mattress. I will be honest I thought it would be softer, but at this point thats not a complaint because I'm happy with the feel of it. Everyone who lays on my bed pretty much says the same thing "it's hard to leave it" you just don't wanna get up.

Bronx, NY


PureBliss Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

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