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PureBliss Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattress

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Cool Max Mattress - where are you?


Well if I had the mattress I could review it! Ordered on Nov 29th and it is Dec 7th, still no overnight mattress. The Mattress frame and foundation all leave on different days from their factory. From TN to NY its 3 days according to the chart on their website. Supposedly all 3 have shipped, last check the tracking # still shows 2 of the pcs in N. Carolina. The foundation has been in sitting in FedEx's Buffalo terminal since the 3rd. They must have some bulk discount package with FedEx so items only move when its the most cost effective. What good is the bed until the whole thing arrives? If it ever arrives. At this point the traking #s have reverted to not showing estimated arrival dates anymore, they only show the ship date of the 29th. WTF.


Angola, NY


I have to express my greatest appreciation.


I have to express my greatest appreciation for a mattress that both the wife and I love so much! For years we both have suffered with back pains and when we purchased the mattress from OvernightMattress.com.... Not only were we amazed at the friendliness of the company but how fast we received the mattress. There was a minor problem with what appeared to have been done through the shipping and when we notified the service dept of ""Overnight Mattress"" the staff was very quick to fix the problem! As for the comfort...... ******* AMAZING!******* My wife and I love it and get the wonderful rest with no back pain! Again.... It's a wonderful product!


Bradenton, FL


We love our mattress!


  We love our mattress! From the day we unpacked it from boxes to one year later, it is the best mattress we have owned. They have great prices as well. We recommend it to all of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  


Tridell, UT


Excellent experience & I highly recommend it!


I actually had a Serta King size memory foam mattress that i lost in my divorce and subsequently purchased a King Size memory foam mattress from overnightmattress.com... I love the fact that i can unzip the top 3 inches of my new mattress to lie on the pure memory foam or keep it on and lie on a pillow top memory foam combination. The mattress is exactly what i wanted and the price was very reasonable and just about lower than anywhere else I could find. Moreover, i had an issue with a greyish charcoal spot on the top unzippable cover which was addressed by customer service and they took good care of it. Overall, it was an excellent experience and i have since recommended overnightmattress.com to several friends.


Levittown, PA


I love the mattress


I love the mattress. It's been almost a year since we bought it and I absolutely love it. I get a good night sleep and I have up refreshed with no back pain at all. I felt that the first night I slept on it. The pillow is just as amazing. I know that when I go to bed at night, I won't be tossing and turning. This is, hands down, the best purchase I have made in a very long time. I love it. They handled the pillow shipment in a professional manner as well. It took a little longer than anticipated for them to arrive but those were production issues not customer service related. I recommended OvernightMattress.com to a friend couple who are looking for a new bed. I love it that much.


Waukegan, IL


PureBliss Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattress

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